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Staff Travel Management

Managing airline staff travel is not only challenging, but also carries significant operating costs. Typically it is manpower intensive and involves long processing time. Complications compound when the staff travel application is de-centralized, as is the case with most large airlines, or when travel polices change. However, no airline can tend to lose its focus on effectively managing staff travel as free/discounted travel is a key element in the employee motivation and retention strategy.

A simplified, self-serviced online environment with 'booking anytime from anywhere' facility will lead to significant reduction in work load, transaction cycle time and administrative costs. IBS' Staff Travel Management Solution, iFly Staff, removes airlines’ bottlenecks in managing staff travel while observing automatic compliance to Staff Travel policy of individual airlines. In fact, the solution is increasingly being seen by airlines as a tool not only to save time and cost but also to improve load factor and optimize revenue.


IBS' staff travel management system, iFly Staff, is the most comprehensive staff travel solution currently available in the market. It handles duty travel, leisure travel & iET with a rules manager that can easily manage complex staff travel policies, interline agreements while seamlessly integrating with other reservation systems.

  • Increases staff travel flown revenue by up to 30%
  • Reduces cycle time for staff travel bookings by 90%
  • Reduces the cost of staff travel administration at least by 50%

To Airlines

  • Proven ROI, payback in less than 12 months
  • Reduced costs of changing the staff travel policies
  • Automated audit trails reducing costs of investigations
  • Reduced effort for HR, Finance and Executive Management
  • Enhanced productivity - Less time spent in planning and booking duty and leisure travel
  • Improved motivation and morale of staff and their families

To Employees

  • 24 X 7 access
  • Easy and quick payment options
  • Visibility of booking history and concession usage
  • Single Sign-On from the airline intranet
  • Online / context sensitive help
  • Reduced effort, increased predictability, less stress

  • An automated web based system in a self-service environment
  • Handles duty travel, leisure travel & iET
  • Improves traceability of usage and eligibility
  • Increases opportunity to sell more seats and ancillary products to staff & family members
  • Maintains interline travel agreements between airlines
  • Interfaces with  various reservation systems Manages airline specific rules applicable to staff travel