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Oil and Gas Logistics

Oil & Gas Logistics

In Upstream Oil & Gas value chain even a brief disruption of work could mean not only losing millions of dollars in downtime but also jeopardizing the safety of people. Therefore, on-time flow of materials, people, and equipment to and from exploration, development and production sites is critical. It takes a lot to keep the upstream oil and gas industry running smoothly. But an effective IT backbone supporting the end-to-end logistics can address the challenges effectively even while reducing costs and minimizing risks. This way you take control of upstream oil & gas logistics.

Welcome to iLogistics Solution Suite, IBS’ upstream Oil & Gas Logistics Management System. With a single, seamlessly integrated suite of business modules, iLogistics aids in the planning, execution, tracking, and accounting of people and material logistics over sea, land and air. It enables process standardization for all business units of a company spread across the world while retaining the ability for localization. The system also has personnel management and personnel-on-board tracking facility and supports Health, Safety and Environment compliance with global HS&E standards.

Today, several oil majors including three of the top five global integrated oil companies use iLogistics to manage their upstream logistics movement, out of which two are implementing the system across all their global operating units. iLogistics is installed at over twenty locations across the world and moves more than 1.5 million passengers in a year world-wide.

Oil and gas Logistics Suite

iLogistics Aviation - the Personnel & Materials-by-Air Management System

iLogistics Marine - the Personnel & Materials-by-Sea Management System

iLogistics Land - the Personnel & Materials-on-Shore Management System

iLogistics PoB - the Personnel-on-Board Management System

iLogistics Camp - the On-Shore Accommodation Management System

iLogistics VMS - the Vessel Management System

  • Single, comprehensive system: manages all oil & gas logistics processes for men and materials over land, sea and air
  • Reduces cost:  eliminates duplication of efforts, grouping of men and materials for trips and optimal utilization of resources
  • Streamlines operation:  provides visibility of resources available, mapping needs to availability and ensuring its on-time arrival
  • Minimizes downtime: delivers real-time information for quick response to changing conditions and strategic decisions
  • HSE standards: improves health & safety standards and ensures regulatory compliance

  • Easily scalable to support increasing capacity requirements
  • Interfaces with other systems such as ERP, access control, accounting and resource tracking
  • Automates passenger & material transportation requests and sharing of logistics resources
  • Provides advanced journey management capabilities, map-based resource scheduling and material and personnel on board tracking
  • Enables graphical planning for on-deck, below-deck and tank material stowage
  • Facilitates automatic reservation, crew scheduling and bunk, muster, life craft and role allocation
  • Records and profiles logistics-related health, safety and environmental incidents
  • Provides commercial accounting and invoice reconciliation based on COPAS-compliant cost allocation methods

iLogistics Functional Overview