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Road Safety Management System

No more scouring through reams and reams of hard copies, trying to figure out patterns from accident data. IBS makes life easier for you, with its Road Safety Management System (RSMS). Imagine a reliable and powerful accident database management system that provides analysis of accident information, for all stakeholders in road safety to take their appropriate counter measures.

RSMS makes accident information accessible to the traffic police, road engineering departments, motor vehicles departments, insurance companies and non-government agencies involved in road safety. Besides, this software can be integrated with police records and maintained by the government crime records bureau and road engineering departments. RSMS 6.0 is GIS enabled and works with the latest satellite imageries and online mapping service providers, including Google Earth.

Road Safety Management System has six major sections: Accident Recording Engine, GIS Engine, Safety Analysis Engine, Standard Reports, Dynamic Standard and Spatial Query Builder and Administration and Tools sections.

Accident Recording Engine helps in capturing accident data from several sources including disparate legacy systems. If you are starting afresh, you can directly enter accident data into RSMS through the Accident Reporting Form (ARF). The ARF also supports smart devices including PDAs and hand-held computers. The computer operators can also scan and input the location and collision diagram sketch by using a hand-held scanner.

GIS Engine helps plot accidents on digital maps and has the capability of accident analysis. This includes plotting options, polygon searches, creating monitor sites and black spot identification. Grid analysis, cluster analysis and monitoring sites are also enabled.

Safety Analysis Engine enables cross tab analysis, stick analysis, kilometer analysis, and automatic collision diagram generation with vehicular maneuvers.

Standard Reports Module generates routine reports like accidents based on severity, accidents classified according to type of area, time, weather conditions, road conditions, day of the week, vehicle types, and passenger/pedestrian casualty statistics. 100+ reports are already present and user can create unlimited customizable reports within RSMS.

Dynamic Query Builder helps create user-defined query or constraints and view sub-sets of accident data. The user can run the Safety Analysis Engine for this set.

Administration and Tools Module allows for system administration and maintains the digital map versions. Granting access rights, periodic backlog file and distribution of data are controlled by the Administration module. Importing digital maps, interfacing with different systems, creating monitor areas, updating accident symbols and collision symbols and labeling the maps are done through the tools module.

Road safety made more accessible
RSMS is a powerful, platform-independent, GIS-based accident information management solution. Supported by a user-friendly data analysis engine, it efficiently records and analysis road safety data, making every stakeholder more accountable.

Easy to deploy, easy to use
RSMS is easily deployable on most hardware/software platforms and operating systems. Uniform, intuitive and user-friendly screens make it one of the easiest systems to master. A simple accident entry form helps to capture the accident data swiftly and effectively.

Powerful GIS advantage
RSMS is backed by a powerful Geographical Information System (GIS) engine that supports multiple GIS standards. This facility helps to plot accident data on digital maps and enables in-depth GIS-based spatial analysis like strip-corridor analysis, cluster analysis for accident black spot identification and grid analysis.

Comprehensive report generation
RSMS caters to national and international accident reporting requirements. This includes more than 100 standard reports relating to police reporting and departments like transport, road and education and unlimited user-definable reports.

Extensive interfacing capabilities
RSMS has the capability to interface effectively with various MIS applications of police departments, insurance agencies, road engineering departments, motor vehicle departments, licensing agencies etc, and devices like hand-held GPS receivers, scanners and digital cameras. The accident data and analytical features of the application can easily be distributed through data transfer functionality. This management system also provides flexible no-cost application access to all road safety stakeholders.

Powerful analysis engine
RSMS is supported by a powerful analysis engine that enables cross-tab analysis, stick analysis, kilometer analysis and automatic collision diagram generation with vehicular movements. This feature is designed to assist road safety engineers in improving the safety of roads and intersections. Another advanced feature of this application called Dynamic Query Builder helps to produce report and accident data subsets according to any criteria set by the user.

Experienced consultancy services & training
Our highly experienced international road safety and traffic engineering specialists help you in rolling out and institutionalizing RSMS, ensuring long-term sustainability. Proven traffic and enforcement training specialists help you build the necessary competency in successfully deploying and using RSMS to reduce accident rates.

Customization facility
The system administration section of the application allows the setting up of various master tables and tools. This helps in customization of the application by the user themselves and in assignment of role-based privileges for users.

Online help
Extensive online help is offered on how to use the application, introducing users to its features and common tasks like creating an accident record, making a query or doing cross tabulation. Acts as a source of reference at any point of time.

Key differentiators:

  • Platform independent, multi-lingual
  • Ease of accident data entry/interfaces with police crime record information system
  • Support for multiple RDBMS
  • Support for multiple GIS formats
  • Support associating accident photograph and videos with records
  • Facility to search accident records based on driving licenses, repeated offenders, registration numbers
  • Extensive support for all statutory accident data reporting formats
  • Interfaces with GPS/PDAs
  • Interfaces with vehicle register databases, driver license databases and road information databases
  • Complete Crime Records and Case Management System for traffic police
  • Accident data migration from existing and legacy systems possible
  • Developed for incorporating best practices in usability engineering for achieving high degree of usability