Redefining travel

Engage, grow, adapt - mission-critical systems for travel

Empowering airlines for a new world

Embracing modern technology tears down the barriers to innovation and enables greater collaboration across the value chain. Forward-looking customer-centric systems, designed on modern architectures drive profitable and efficient business growth. While cloud-based platforms provide the flexibility to quickly adapt to rapidly changing market and consumer behavior, and deliver more brand engagement opportunities.

From airline passenger services, air cargo management, loyalty management, to flight and crew operations, leading airlines worldwide turn to IBS Software to power their success. Our modular and mission-critical airline solutions cut across airline needs, end-to-end, so our customers can enjoy full platform integration or specific components. And that makes IBS Software unique in the travel industry.

Air Cargo

Air Cargo Solutions

Co-developed with the world's leading cargo airlines and ground handlers, iCargo maximizes revenues, collaboration, and cost-efficiencies across the value chain.

Cargo Solutions

Airline Passenger

Airline Passenger Solutions

With native NDC and offer and order management capabilities, iFly maximizes personalized retail opportunities across channels and traveler touchpoints and end-to-end passenger processing.

Passenger Solutions

Airline Operations & Crew Management

Airline Operations & Crew Management

Intelligent and highly automated, iFlight provides dynamic situational awareness and streamlined processes for optimized operations, crew, and disruption management.

Ops & Crew Solutions

Loyalty Management Solutions

Loyalty Management Solutions

Highly configurable, iLoyal maximizes member engagement revenues by accelerating value delivery through easy partner integration and agile offer deployment.

Loyalty Solutions

Transforming hotel distribution, tour and cruise management, and energy and resources logistics

The software required to run hotel chains and travel businesses is complex, unreliable, and inflexible. As a result, hotel and travel executives find it increasingly difficult to achieve their goals. IBS Software dramatically simplifies the software required to run your business with the world’s first unified platform for the hotel and travel industry.

Premier tour and cruise operators use iTravel Cruise for mission-critical shore-to-ship processes. Real-time data on sales and business performance allows a swift response to dynamic market forces. A 360-customer view across journey touchpoints enables personalized offers that add value to passengers while maximizing revenues through the upsell and cross-sell of onboard and onshore services.

Energy and resources companies overcome the complexities of conventional and unconventional operations in upstream logistics and supply chains with iLogistics. Cutting-edge artificial intelligence drives smart decision-making through automation, accurate demand and capacity forecasting, and the optimization of multi-modal logistics and onshore and offshore accommodation management. iLogistics provides complete control over supply chains and the transportation of personnel and materials by air, land, and sea.