Leadership & Governance

We pride ourselves on the highest standards of ethics and transparency in our corporate governance, and are governed by a team of industry veterans.

Leadership Team

V K Mathews
Founder & Executive Chairman
Anand Krishnan
Chief Executive Officer
Ashish Nanda
Chief Financial Officer
Jitendra Sindhwani
President & Head - Global Sales & Marketing
Peter Krebs
Senior VP & Head - Travel & Hospitality Solutions
Akshay Shrivastava
Senior VP & Head - Consulting & Digital Transformation
Jayan P
Senior VP & Head - Global Human Resources
Christopher Branaga
Chief Technology Officer
Arun Hrishikesan
Senior VP - Innovation Eco system
James Blamey
VP - Corporate Communications
Ashok Rajan
Senior VP & Head - Cargo & Logistics Solutions
Mathew M Baby
Senior VP & Head - Aviation Operations Solutions
David Friderici
Senior VP & Head -  Aviation Passenger Solutions
Asish Koshy
VP & Head - Tour & Cruise Solutions
Christman Korah
AVP & Head - Hospitality Solutions
Marcus Puffer
VP & Head - Loyalty Management Solutions
Manu K P
Head - Energy & Resources Logistics
Meet the Regional Leaders


Sam Shukla
VP & Head - Americas


Gautam Shekar
Senior VP & Head - Sales & Marketing, APAC

East Asia

Ryo Funakoshi
Senior VP & Head - Operations, East Asia


Philip Hinton
Senior VP & Head - Sales & Marketing, EMEA

Board of Directors

V K Mathews
Founder & Executive Chairman
Abhay Prabhakar Havaldar
Independent Director
Girish Srikrishna Paranjpe
Independent Director
Armin Kurt Meier
Independent Director
Girija Prasad Pande
Independent Director
Amit Dixit
Independent Director
Douglas Mark Steenland
Independent Director


We at IBS are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance as we believe these are reflective of our values and critical to our success. Our board of directors oversees the application of our corporate governance practices ensuring transparency and integrity across functions of the IBS Groups’ business.

Audit & Risk Management Committee

The purpose of the Audit & Risk Management Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in monitoring:

  • Integrity of IBS’ financial statements & financial reporting process
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and IBS code of conduct
  • Company’s internal audit function & statutory auditors’ independence and performance
  • Adequacy and reliability of the internal control systems