Product Owner

The Product Owner role is the cornerstone of making Agile Product Management work.  The Product Owner responsibilities consist of detailed feature description, prioritization, and collaboration with the development team. The Product Owner is the one and only person responsible for managing the product backlog and ensuring the value of the work the team performs.  This person maintains the product backlog and ensures that it is visible to everyone.

The product owner leads the effort to create a product that generates the desired benefits.  This responsibility includes:

  • Creating the user stories
  • Grooming the product backlog
  • Attending the Scrum meetings;
    • Daily Standups
    • Backlog Grooming
    • Sprint Planning
    • Sprint Reviews
    • Sprint Retrospectives
  • Collaborating with the team

The Product Owner plays a critical role in bringing products to life and managing the product lifecycle.  Having this person in charge across product releases:

  • Ensures continuity in the product
  • Reduces handoffs from one function to another
  • Encourages long-term thinking

Being a Product Owner is NO solo act.  The Product Owner is part of the Scrum team and closely collaborates with its other members.  The Scrum team support the Product Owner by jointly grooming the product backlog, but the Product Owner is responsible for making sure the necessary work is carried out.

Product Owners require the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to do the job well.  Some of the require characteristics of a Product Owner are:

  • Visionary and Doer – You are able to communicate the vision and see the vision through to completion.
    • Able to describe requirements, collaborate with the team, accept and reject work results, and steer the project by tracking and forecasting its progress.
    • Entrepreneur-like in approach. Able to facilitate creativity, encourage innovation, and comfortable with change, ambiguity, debate, conflict, playfulness, experimentation and informed risk taking.
  • Leader and Team Player – As a leader, you provide guidance and direction for everyone involved in the development of the product and ensures that tough decisions are made. As a team player, must rely on close collaboration with the other Scrum team members, but has no formal authority over them.
    • Act as a shepherd for the innovation process
    • Guide the project
    • Seek team consensus in decision-making
  • Communicator and Negotiator – You are the voice of the business, communicating needs and requirement and bridging the gap between product management and technical staff.
  • Empowered and Committed – As the product owner, you have enough authority and executive sponsorship to lead the development effort and to align stakeholders. Your escalation partner is at the highest level of the organization. As the Product Owner you will be given the proper decision-making authority decide on functionality in a release and create a work environment that is creative and innovative.  Some important qualities are:
    • Confident
    • Enthusiastic
    • Energetic
    • Trustworthy
  • Available and Qualified – Being the product owner is a full-time job. This is not a role that can be done on a part-time basis.  As the product owner, your qualifications go beyond personal qualities.  Being qualified requires:
    • An intimate understanding of the product
    • Passion about the user experience (not only UI/UX)
    • Ability to communicate needs and describe requirements
    • Guide a software development project
    • Be comfortable working with a cross-functional, self-organizing team
    • Proven experience working in an Agile Scrum methodology

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