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Helping Vanilla Air

ANA evaluated several passenger service systems available in the market & found IBS' new generation Passenger Services System, iFly Res, to be compliant functionally and technically to support business operations for the new airline. ANA's previous experience with successful implementation of the IBS cargo system reinforced the selection.

The criticality and urgency to launch the newly rebranded airline operations, along with addressing the differentiations/innovations envisioned by ANA for the low cost carrier (LCC) business model, were the key priorities for the implementation.

Japan is unique in the sense that there are certain business processes that are an absolute must for commercial operations. Vanilla Air had to launch its operations immediately on a new passenger services system (PSS) that was not only proven in the Japanese market but also compliant with unique requirements such as support of convenience store payment model and multilingual support. Rapid implementation of the PSS, conforming to top delivery quality and non-negotiable deadlines were considered sacrosanct requirements by ANA for the success of this new airline.

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