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Helping a leading Loyalty Corporation to engage new SMEs

Since its inception in 2007, our customer has pursued its business agenda to identify new segments and explore key loyalty drivers to influence the customer behavior in the identified segment. Such a refined approach has helped the company to offer distinct loyalty proposition for targeted customer segments.

Australia, being an economic power house, has more than 2 million small and medium sized enterprises representing a turnover of 99.7% of its trading business across different industries. As majority of the SME owners and employees were already members of airline loyalty, the corporation decided to roll out a Coalition Loyalty proposition exclusively for SMEs in the region.

The program was designed to offer tangible rewards like points, discounts and rebates on routine business purchases made by SMEs and simultaneously maximise revenue for the participating loyalty partners. Success of this unique proposition was dependent on the integration of a wide network of partners, in a much faster pace than competition.

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