We take cognizance of the unique positioning of our customers and provide consulting services targeted to give them digital superiority. By designing a digital strategy, we guide our customers through their digital transformation, leveraging our techno-functional expertise and incorporating cross-industry best practices. Our consulting engagements are driven by specific business problems, strategic business goals, and organizational objectives or OKRs. Our singular focus on travel industry and our ability to help our customers formulate strategies and execute them for the desired business outcomes set us apart from generic consulting companies.



A complete transformation to a customer-centric retailing model requires a major change in distribution strategy. Following are some of our typical offerings that help in distribution cost reduction and revenue growth, thereby giving our customers a competitive edge in the market.

Ancillary Catalogue

We define a unique roadmap for customers, partner with their business teams to choose ancillaries, and provide consulting support, program management, and training.

Channel Shift

We enable airlines in transitioning to digital distribution leveraging NDC, right from conceptualization to rollout. We help evolve their channel shift strategy and roadmap. Our differentiated offerings are adapted to the airline ancillary maturity thereby enabling airlines derive accelerated business benefits.

E-commerce Logistics

We power cargo carriers succeed in e-commerce business with technology roadmaps and proven methodologies.

IT Landscape Rationalization

We provide strategic recommendations and define implementation roadmaps to revamp the existing IT landscape of our customers. Through the evaluation of airline IT assets from the perspectives of business value, application life cycle, and costs, we recommend the right approach for their transformational journey.