Enabling digital transformation for your business

We accelerate the digital transformation of our customers by leveraging our techno-functional expertise and incorporating cross-industry best practices. We take cognizance of the unique positioning of our customers and provide digital consulting services that solve specific business problems and help them achieve strategic business goals and organizational objectives. The singular focus on the travel industry and our ability to help our customers formulate and execute strategies for the desired business outcomes set us apart from generic and technical consulting companies. Customers gain a competitive edge in the market through differentiation and cost reduction from our offerings.


Business Transformation

We help our customers create innovative offerings for their end-consumers by leveraging technology and data, and empower them to expand their revenue streams by improving customer value and conversions.

Experience and Engagement

We design and deliver solutions for meaningful customer engagement through customer experience creation, and product positioning and recommendations.

Efficiency and Sustainability

We recommend the right technologies that deliver sustainable advantage by assessing opportunities for process automation and innovation. We offer solutions for automation; work practices transformation; standards, compliance and security; systems integration and portfolio rationalization; and cloud migration.


Digital Distribution

Airlines are becoming more service-oriented, offering enhanced, customized, and exclusive products to their customers, to differentiate themselves from the competition. In their quest, they need to rethink their distribution strategy holistically across both direct as well as indirect channels. Digital distribution solutions help airlines in the distribution transformation journey through strategic technology consulting by charting out distribution strategy and defining implementation road map. The offerings are customizable and are useful for airlines of all maturity profiles regardless of the airlines’ introduction to the various digital distribution models, conceptualization, or the entire gamut of building and implementing digital distribution programs.


Analytical assessment

  • Digital distribution insights: Suited to airlines that are looking to commence their digital distribution journey as the insights offer everything from building awareness, applying industry best practices, to enabling airlines to define expected business benefits

Strategic evaluation

  • Digital distribution strategy and road map development: A complete solution where digital distribution strategy is arrived at through internal and external assessment followed by the preparation of a phased implementation road map, considering system requirements for the proposed channel shift
Digital Distribution

Ancillary Merchandising

Airlines are rapidly maturing in ancillary merchandising with nearly a sixth of total airline revenues coming from ancillary sales. As ancillaries are becoming an integral part of the airline vocabulary, having the right strategy in place goes a long way in improving top-line and providing a competitive advantage. At IBS Software, the combined effect of our consulting experience and the customer-centric approach of our ancillary solutions helps assess and define the right retail business model for your airline, realizing increased ancillary revenue in a shorter time. The solutions are based on industry-tested frameworks and templates and they can be customized for airlines of all sizes and business models. The offerings are aimed at helping airlines enhance their ancillary portfolio and the approach is aimed to bring in incremental revenue growth.


Ancillary maturity benchmarking

  • Evaluate a set of pre-identified parameters critical for the success of ancillary revenue growth
  • Benchmark the airline against merchandizing maturity model and industry best practices on merchandizing

Ancillary strategy assessment and road map development

  • Partner with your business teams to define ancillary road map best suited to your airline with internal and external assessment
  • Enable the airline to redefine avenues for potential merchandising across a spectrum of areas by defining digital travel platform solution blueprint
Ancillary Merchandising

Application Rationalisation

To compete in an ever-changing and challenging environment, airlines invest in aggressively building IT applications, which unintentionally results in an array of disparate and disconnected applications across their portfolios. Not only does it lead to redundant applications, it also lowers asset utilization and increases maintenance and complexity. This calls for system integration consulting. IBS Software’s IT rationalization solution, is a systematic, proactive, and investment-oriented digital consulting services approach where a complete set of applications in an organization is analyzed and restructured, leading to future-readiness of the enterprise IT organization.

Our work with leading travel organizations gives us deep understanding of intricate business processes and typical IT architectures, thereby providing a unique combination of business technology consulting and subject matter expertise, blending with structured IT and process improvement.


  • Thorough assessment and mapping of current IT assets, including calculation of costs to operate, support, and maintain each application
  • Assess every application’s relevance to future business activities to recommend actions – Retain, Retire, Replace, Renovate, Re-engineer
  • Develop a detailed road map and business case for implementing the transformation, outlining the financial metrics of the rationalization program based on an understanding of the current state, end-state, and gaps
Application Rationalisation

Air Cargo Optimisation

Optimizing efficiency and performance, coupled with streamlined processes is crucial for air cargo operators as it directly affects the bottom-line. Air cargo optimization solution brings to you our collective experience and research outcomes that have helped shape our iCargo platform, which is conceptualized and designed to help airlines manage air freight efficiently by bringing in operational efficiencies, improving service standards, and optimizing asset utilization. Through years of our industry experience, business efficiency consulting services, and working with leading air freight operators and innovators, we have designed a set of diagnostic tools and benchmarks that can assess the health of your cargo operations and market competitiveness.


  • Our assessment through digital consulting will provide you deep insights into areas of improvement and optimizations that can result in direct cost savings and improved customer satisfaction
  • The assessment helps measure cargo operational efficiency and service-level standard against benchmarks and offers deep insights and guidance for improving them without any major change to your IT landscape
Air Cargo Optimisation

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