Enabling Transformation

Ensuring success in your transformation journey

Digital transformation holds immense opportunities for the airline and travel business. That said, implementing a transformational change in the organization is a huge challenge, particularly if it impacts a large workforce. The risk of loss of productivity and delays in realization of value is always a worry for the business head and the CEO. The success of a transformation program, to a large extent, lies in how well the workforce is aligned with the organization's mission and goals, how well they are trained and geared up to hit the road running, and how excited and motivated they are to sustain the momentum of change.

We bring to you solutions that will make this happen. Our offerings are built on our extensive experience in enabling large and leading airlines and travel companies worldwide to successfully adopt change and to significantly reduce risks in the organization's transformation journey. Our solutions range from taking end-to-end responsibility for your organization's transformation management, assessing progress at every step and helping you take corrective actions, to change accelerators that can complement existing capabilities of your in-house training and change management functions.


Transformation Management

  • End-to-end responsibility to manage change in your organization
  • Development of strategies to address your unique needs for building awareness and excitement among your workforce, for training and development, and for sustaining the momentum of change
  • Different approaches to communicate with and engage the people, carry out transformation effectiveness reviews, select change accelerators to address unique training needs, trainee evaluations, certifications, and more
  • Ensuring all stakeholders are competent in the new software and work practices when the business is ready to cut over to the new system

Change Accelerators

End-user Training

  • Role-based training on work-practices
  • Face-to-face learning sessions or Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)
  • Trainee certification

Computer-based Training

  • Interactive video-based learning
  • Accelerated experience – Simulated, guided practice lessons for expertise development

Transformation Effectiveness Review

  • Customized measurement strategy to assess progress at every step of your organization’s transformation journey, and at milestones that are significant in evaluating business performance against your medium- and long-term goals
  • Review of assessment findings and improvement suggestions with your business leadership for arriving at actions for course correction to ensure the achievement of your business goals