Independent Transformation Quality

Quality strategy that embraces agility to adapt to continuous changes in core technologies while assuring business outcomes

Independent Transformation Quality (iTQ) incorporates a strong digital quality transformation framework focused on the global aviation industry. We take a considered view of the customer’s investment priorities in assured quality and enable transformation to ensure business efficacy. We embrace software delivery best practices with an engagement model that fulfils time-to-market needs, to realize outcome-driven business revenues.

Our shared experience model guarantees competitive advantage and delivery excellence across business verticals, providing the much-needed impetus to accelerate business growth year-on-year. This is enabled by a combination of factors like domain-focused quality strategies, aviation test labs, easy availability of test cases for travel domain, transformational advisory, delivery excellence through program-to-partnership models, and assured productivity delivered through risk-reward plans.


We assess and solve transformational challenges by utilizing a purpose-built strategic quality framework that delivers predictable quality, increased ROI, and faster time-to-market. Our focus on domain-specific quality solutions in passenger service systems, cargo and logistics, airline operations, and loyalty verticals prepares airlines to traverse an assured transition plan and realize transformational values. We partner with airlines to assess their readiness, engage in quality process consulting, formulate quality acceptance strategies, develop digital assets to enhance performance, and empower digital transformation to guarantee the desired outcomes.

Platform-Ecosystem Readiness

We employ a consultative approach to transformational strategies that deliver incremental values. We mitigate customer challenges related to domain-intensive business readiness during pre/post digital transformation and enable customers to achieve their digital transformation goals. Domain expertise and knowledge assets ensure scope assessment, digital business assurance, and accelerated transformation.

Program Quality Acceptance

We address the increasing need for integrated software delivery practices and end-to-end quality strategy for enterprises to empower digital transformation. Our domain-specific strategies support customer requirements. Reusable artefacts, automated testing tools, data management, performance monitoring, and predictive analysis ensure seamless digital transformation and end-user acceptance. We participate in end-to-end program quality and assure business process automation to reduce the cost of quality.

Digital Transformation Assistance

We enable technology-driven transformation that powers business growth and end-user satisfaction by embracing agile, DevOps, mobility, Automation First approach, cybersecurity, data engineering, and AI-powered data strategy. Scalable frameworks cater to diverse platforms and channels, which coupled with a data flow strategy, assure transformation values in a committed long-term journey.

Digital Quality Assets

We assure quality of assets through IP-based solutions to ensure production data readiness, labs to validate business assets, localization services, mobility and multi-tenancy/cloud frameworks, and data-centric validation approach. We build digital assets for continuous integration to mitigate technical and business risks and to ensure seamless customer experience.


We shift from traditional application-focused quality assurance to purpose-driven digital quality acceptance that embraces real-time monitoring to measure business outcomes. While building high-quality aviation solutions for more than two decades, we have seen the shifts in technology and the way our customers implemented and consumed our solutions. We have constantly adapted to and evolved in this modernization journey both internally and with our customers. Utilising our domain expertise and learnings from solution implementations, we have built capabilities that encompass common assets and shared experience to achieve the desired business outcomes through long-term transformational partnerships.

Aviation Test Labs

Leveraging our aviation industry focus with optimum combination of processes, end-to-end methodologies, quality procedures, skills, and resources available both locally and globally, our customers realize the full benefits of on-time delivery and predictable quality. This also helps minimize the overall cost and delivery timeframe for implementation of transformational programs.


  • Purpose-built global delivery team for continuous delivery associated with program implementations
  • Leverages domain competency, shared experience, and efficiency of a multi-skilled workforce
  • Secure state-of-the-art test labs in the cloud; pay-as-you-test model
  • Increased focus on customer business processes with adherence to regional practices
  • Intelligent business process automation and analytics
  • Centralized knowledge management and quality assets to stay abreast of industry trends
  • Quality advisory and governance for added strategic value by leveraging best practices and frameworks
Global Aviation Test Labs

Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Quality Acceptance

There is an increasing demand to speed up go-to-market needs, high-quality solution launches, continuous development, and implementation and deployment of business-critical applications across diverse platforms/form-factors. To accommodate this, enterprises are leaning towards automation as a service through seamless collaboration among development, automation, and operations teams. Our experience in implementing DevOps with AI-driven insights for CI/CD orchestration enables quality certainty for cloud-enabled development strategy and facilitates high coverage by applying RPA, IoT, and data analytics.


  • Autonomous frameworks that enable 'Automation First' approach
  • Continuous real-time quality monitoring and improvement
  • Greater collaboration across teams
  • Faster qualification of changes in application or business processes
  • Partnerships and alliances for automated testing tools, infrastructure, and industry-enabled rapid validation cycles
Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Quality Acceptance

AI-powered, ML-driven Quality Acceptance

With continuous evolution of automation, AI-driven automation platforms are picking up steam to reduce efforts in creating test assets and to ensure self-maintenance (self-healing) automatically. Our extensive experience in AI, ML, and analytics will help to predict and remove issues early in the development life cycle. Enterprises will realize the benefits of defect prevention, enhanced coverage, and automated change management.


  • Optimized quality life cycle management
  • Enables 'prevention over correction'
  • Enhances quality coverage and continuous optimization
  • Predictive analysis of user behavior and defect analytics to identify issues automatically
  • Business-intensive workflow modelling
AI-powered, ML-driven Quality Acceptance

Security and Industry-specific Regulatory Compliance

In new-age cybersecurity, addressing threats and thwarting unforeseen risks are of paramount importance for digital transformation and industry compliance. We have a portfolio of capabilities designed towards secure digital transformation. Our security frameworks based on risk prediction catalog coupled with industry-specific compliance requirements will protect the customers’ business operations and revenues.


  • Cybersecurity quality strategy and consulting
  • Digital business assurance
  • Enterprise-level resilience combined through digital infrastructure to identify threats
  • End-to-end security threats avoidance
  • Compliance and audit pre-assessment quality acceptance and reporting
  • Security framework for continuous integration and monitoring deviations/non-compliance
Security and Industry-specific Regulatory Compliance

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