As the global market moves towards digital transformation, we play a strategic technology partnership role with our customers to pave their way towards excellence. Innovation is creating value for customers by applying novel technology solutions to meaningful business problems. Very often, a consulting engagement for a unique business problem leads to innovation. We innovate across data science, natural language processing, intelligent automation, Internet of Things, and data platform streams. We invest extensively in research and development and constantly engage in hackathons and technical conferences to put our skills to test. By maintaining a symbiotic relationship with our customers through innovation workshops and digital sessions, we utilize every opportunity to grow together as strategic partners. A number of successful outcomes of product incubation contributes to IBS products and their roadmaps. Our customers, aided by advanced technology capabilities, are disrupting the existing business models in terms of scalability, speed to market and customer delight.


Product Incubation

Innovation is incubation of ideas that make a difference. We focus on idea incubation and digital superiority by leveraging cutting-edge technology to build prototype solutions that address the issues of the travel and logistics sector. Besides providing continuous improvement and transformation advisory, we also quantify the benefits that justify our customers’ investments. Following are some typical solution outcomes of product incubation.

Crew Standby Forecasting

Predicts standby crew requirements for flights, which is otherwise manual, non-value-adding, and error-prone.

Dynamic Pricing

Offers a unique price for a combination of ancillary services such as seats, in-flight services, and entertainment.

Cargo Offloads Prediction

We power cargo carriers succeed in e-commerce business with technology roadmaps and proven methodologies.

Aviation NLP Engine

Understands aviation specific keywords/jargons and communicates with the users better.

Virtual Contact Centre

Offers automated email/chat/voice support and ensures hands-free operations when handling a multitude of requests.

Aviation Mailbots

Performs intelligent email handling and rule-based actions on a wide range of flight/freight bookings and loyalty related queries.

In-flight Communication

Uses cross-communication techniques using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.