Product Implementation & Engineering

Steering transformational change to help drive mission-critical programs

The ability to manage change is vital for organizations to stay competitive, especially in an unstable environment. Mission-critical transformations that require comprehensive change management programs are challenging to navigate as they fundamentally reset the way organizations´ operate. And this is where an experienced partner with the proven ability to successfully manage programs on budget, on spec, and on time is critical. IBS Software´s extensive experience managing large-scale and mission-critical transformation programs for the travel industry ensures fast return on investment through an engagement model and governance structure that enable a seamless transition.


Program management

Backed by over two decades of domain expertise, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of modular SaaS solutions that facilitate and automate mission-critical activities for travel companies. We deliver next-generation products that accelerate growth, drive efficiency, and create differentiated customer experiences. Our customer-centric and partnership approach, along with our implementation track record, act as an additional value enabler that differentiate us from the competition.

We provide transformational program frameworks to overcome customer challenges in managing the human side of change and building ownership among program stakeholders. Our program management office drives efficient and effective decision-making with a focus on consistently achieving set goals while addressing risks and stakeholder requirements. We work with customers throughout the transformation journey—pre-engagement, program initiation, program management, program governance and control, and transition and steady state.

Data management and migration

Data migration is crucial to cutover success, yet, rolling out a new system often comes with data migration risks. Careful planning and monitoring of data migration between different systems is critical to avoiding cutover failure.

Through IBS Software´s extensive experience managing large-scale transformation programs, we have developed tried and proven data migration processes and best practices that ensure disruption-free rollouts. To ensure success in our customer´s operational transformation journey, we assess a migration´s impact, create a tailored strategy, and conduct dry runs to test the strategy. We provide a mature information management ecosystem with automated frameworks and migration tools to configure a fit-to-purpose data migration strategy. This helps mitigate risks, giving you a holistic view of the entire program and keeping the project implementation smooth.

Dynamic Ancillary Personalization (iDAP)

Systems Integration

Ensuring new systems are seamlessly integrated into the existing tech stack is critical for a smooth and fail-safe transition. Mitigating highly complex mapping challenges, removing deployment barriers, and automating manual processes lead to significant cost savings and accelerated implementation timelines. IBS Software offers consulting on the most appropriate tools, solutions, and best practices for systems integration. We develop interfaces to connect to various upstream and downstream systems and build integration platforms for synchronous transactions to help customers rationalize applications post-integration. Our six-stage system integration framework provides metrics and defines key success criteria across all stages, including but not limited to:

  • Integration planning
  • Systems identification for integration
  • Standards establishment for bespoke integration
  • Integration solution design and development
  • Integration validation testing
  • Systems integration roll-out