Solutions Engineering

Building future-ready solutions, through engineering excellence

Airlines, airports, hotels, online travel agencies, and cruise companies need efficient and future-proof solutions to drive digital transformations and business outcomes. We build and customize transformational solutions for these industries by leveraging our domain knowledge, technology expertise, and delivery excellence. Reusable assets embedded in the software architecture accelerate the speed to market of our solutions, while fit-for-purpose platforms with customized digital experience add-ons complement our products suite. Collaborative practices like agile, DevOps, and automation, power our digital transformation models, adapting to a mutually influencing way of working among end-users, business, and technology. Extensive R & D enables us to incorporate emerging technologies and toolkits to achieve productivity, quality, and capability.

Product Incubation

Architected through years of experience of implementing products for global customers, our solutions enhance the digital experience of end-users. We invest in building products for tomorrow that cater to the strategic innovation needs of the travel industry. The process encompasses ideation, design, development, implementation, and enhancement of quick solutions for our customers.

Airline Website

Three intuitive website designs with content management capabilities, with customization using CMS capability. Built-in integration available with IBS PSS IBE with provision to connect to other IBEs if need be.

Airline Mobile App

Travel companion app for airline customers. Capability for personalized dashboard, flight booking, check-in, my trips, flight status check, flight schedule view, third-party ancillaries, and static page integration. Configurable and extensible by the airline through CMS and widget support. Standard web container-based app and unique native app available.

Payment Orchestration Platform

Unify payment options and centralize transactions across corporate applications. Business rules to manage diverse payment requirements based on organization unit, channel, or other configurable parameters. Enhanced speed to market in introducing new forms of payment and gateways in an enterprise.

Loyalty Member Portal

Web-based responsive B2C portal to enable loyalty experience for airlines. Single-sign on feature and compliance with high standards of usability. Integration with loyalty management platform and passenger reservation systems.

Cargo Portal

Next-generation cargo portal with simplified and interactive booking process, guided booking flow, and flexible upfront pricing.

Technology Partner

Two decades of experience, collaboration with leading customers, access to global talent, and the adoption of avant-garde technology position us as a unique solutions provider for the travel industry. As a technology partner for our customers, we focus on modernizing and transforming their platforms and applications to drive continuous improvement through objective-driven delivery, innovation partnerships, capability augmentation, and reuse of indigenous digital assets. Our singular focus is on delivery excellence, and our partnerships are built on the pillars of trust, transparency, innovation, and ownership.
Technology Partner

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