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The Case for Loyalty : Meeting Expectations for the Modern Passenger

Transforming your loyalty program to meet evolving retail trends and customer demands is no longer a matter of "if"; it's a matter of "when."

Begin leveraging the power of customer data to bring customer-centricity to life with personalized experiences and valuable benefits through new partnerships and initiatives that align your program with your customers’ lifestyle choices.

Reimagining Ocean Cargo Pricing: Optimizing spot rates with dynamic pricing

Market conditions can change quickly, with them the ability to maximize capacity utilization and optimize revenues. Spot rates for free sale capacity are particularly subject to volatility, and this is where greater pricing agility helps ocean freighters effectively align their costs with market fluctuations.

Air Cargo Joint Ventures: Expanding network reach through seamless airline partnerships

Airline partnerships in air cargo help expand network coverage, maximize capacity utilization, increase revenues, and deliver a consistent customer experience. While airline partnerships have been successful on the passenger side of the industry, they haven´t replicated the same results in air cargo.

Unified Platform, Unlimited Possibilities: Exploring the Future of Hospitality Technology

Spurred by rapidly changing consumer expectations, the hospitality industry is evolving quickly. As guests increasingly seek to book experiences, not just rooms, demand instant service, and expect greater personalization and convenience, properties unable to adapt will find themselves left behind.

Reimagining ocean cargo pricing: The referential model

Market rates directly impact ocean cargo profitability, yet the price-setting process is often unduly complex and reactive.The multiple factors influencing pricing decisions can quickly translate into an unmanageable volume of unproductive price points, especially when the underlying processes and technology are inefficient and heavily reliant on human intervention.

Three critical factors for systems integration testing success

In a complex airline IT landscape comprised of an intricate mesh of legacy and modern systems, integration is the key to unlocking new and richer capabilities without impacting systems performance. 

Airline retail transformation roadmap

Streamlining processes and empowering airlines with more control and innovation over personalized offer creation is an exciting opportunity for the travel industry.

But realizing the retail vision is a long-term journey requiring a fundamental industry reset. While paths may vary, accelerating progress and leveraging quick wins along the way is critical.

Boosting upsell and cross-sell opportunities in hospitality with innovative shopping cart strategies

Online retailing is used across industries to boost provider revenues and value for consumers, and at the crux of it all is a carefully crafted shopping cart strategy. In today´s world, where consumers prime ease, convenience, and personalization, hoteliers are in a singular position to offer their guests unique and holistic experiences but have struggled to replicate the success enjoyed in other industries.

Unlocking airline loyalty opportunities across untapped business travel segments

Airlines offer large corporations attractive packages, like negotiated rates and rewards, to drive loyalty and repeat business. But they typically don't have similarly structured programs for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). And that was understandable in the days when technology wasn't scalable, automated, or flexible enough given the technical and commercial resources airlines would have needed to manage such a large customer pool.