A Roadmap for Transforming Airline Flight Operations During COVID-19 Recovery & Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated an existing need for change in terms of how airlines manage flight disruptions and irregular operations. This guide by IBS Software provides insights and key action points for digitally transforming your own flight operations.

A Roadmap for Transforming Cruise Lines During COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond

As Cruise Lines adjust to a new reality with new ways of doing business, they need smart technology and digital tools that accommodate customers, crew members, and regulators throughout the passenger experience—both onshore and onboard.

Transforming Aviation: A Roadmap to COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond

While the post COVID-19 recovery won’t be without its challenges for airlines, it’s also an opportunity for airlines to modernize and rethink their operations. Embracing digital transformation will help airlines respond to a new normal that will evolve and develop over the coming years. 

Rethinking Air Cargo: A Roadmap to COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond

Air cargo companies today need smart, digital tools to adapt quickly and pivot, especially when market conditions, regulations, and customer priorities suddenly change. In this E-book, you will discover the key strategies, technologies, benefits, and action points to tide over the COVID-19 pandemic and for realizing future success in air cargo.

Achieving Real Dynamic Pricing in Air Travel

Due to a lack of comprehensive data about their customers owing to intermediaries and insufficient control over the pricing process, airlines are deprived of making the right pricing and product decisions based on direct, individual customer interactions. It doesn’t have to be this way!

A Digital Foundation for Flight

The entire airline industry is undergoing a digital revolution, with airlines relying more than ever on digital technology to manage everything from booking and in-flight entertainment to aircraft maintenance. In this scenario, digital infrastructure will become the foundation that supports both the launch and the entire lifecycle of new airlines. It will help new companies differentiate themselves from competitors as they scale.

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