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Air Cargo Joint Ventures: Expanding network reach through seamless airline partnerships

Airline partnerships in air cargo help expand network coverage, maximize capacity utilization, increase revenues, and deliver a consistent customer experience. While airline partnerships have been successful on the passenger side of the industry, they haven´t replicated the same results in air cargo.

Outdated messaging standards inhibit real-time, accurate, and comprehensive visibility of partner routes, schedules, availability, and rates. Difficulties around establishing and managing partnerships further prevent them from reaching full bloom. And airline-centric processes and silos also complicate the construction and delivery of joint offers that are compliant with customer SLAs.

Enabling deeper collaboration between airlines through real-time connectivity and comprehensive visibility across partner inventory is the key to unlocking full partnership potential. Success hinges on seamlessly integrating and synchronizing critical information, processes, and applications. Discover how iPartner Airline unlocks new opportunities in air cargo partnerships for increased profitability and growth.

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