Giving you the strategic edge

Delivering superior value and exploiting untapped opportunities in air cargo ground handling

Air cargo connects the world, and it has done so impressively well for decades. Yet, evolving customer expectations are accelerating the need for change in the industry. Technology is advancing at a fast pace in other sectors, which creates a precedent for air cargo that has been slow to adopt modern technologies. The industry´s continued reliance on legacy systems and architectures leaves a raft of benefits off the table.

Ground handling is a critical part of the air cargo landscape. It´s also ripe for digital transformation to accelerate growth, open new revenue streams, boost efficiencies, strengthen collaboration, and deliver better user experiences. There is real value to be extracted and delivered across the stakeholder chain.

This EBook looks at the value expectations and perceptions in the industry, exposing the current challenges and limitations due to over-reliance on legacy technologies. It also provides recommendations to streamline cargo processes and a change management guideline to avoid common digital transformation pitfalls.