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Digital Enablers for Sustainable Operational Transformations in a Post-COVID Economy

Digitization is the way forward for Airline Operations!

Airline experts hypothesize that technology adoption at airlines will leap forward in the aftermath of COVID-19. Around 70% of attendees from IBS Software’s VOPS’20 - Virtual Operations meetings with airlines across regions agreed that the time is right for large-scale transformations. These digitally-driven transformations will embed themselves into operations and drive long-term sustained efficiency.

When asked to identify major operational priorities in 2021 or after COVID-19 subsides, airline responses broadly fit into what we’ve envisioned as the CRiSP framework comprising Cost, Response, Safety & Productivity.

In this e-book, you will learn about:

  • The Four pillars of CRiSP framework and how airlines can implement CRiSP keeping sustainable efficiency in focus
  • How digital tools can be deployed to achieve operational agility, financial flexibility & adapting to new realities
  • A closer look into what long-term transformations will necessitate

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