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Making airline Interlining with Offers and Orders work

As the travel industry works to unlock incremental revenues, drive efficiencies through process simplification, and deliver richer traveler experiences, modernizing the technology landscape is a critical success factor to achieving these end-objectives. Enabling the retailing of air and non-air offers across airline partnerships and streamlining the processes involved will unlock multiplier effects for airlines and their partner ecosystems.

While several industry initiatives are already underway, exploiting the retailing benefits in both traditional interlining and interlining with offers and orders remains a challenge. Many factors contribute to the challenges behind interlining, including complex processes and systems, legacy mindsets, and the immaturity of new and evolving standards, like NDC or One Order. But the IBS Software team, achieved an industry-first for making interlining with offers and orders work, despite gaps in existing standards.

Find out how and the benefits it can unlock for your airline.

IBS Software is a certified and active contributor to the following IATA working groups:

  • Distribution with Offers and Orders (NDC)
  • Dynamic Offers
  • Fulfilment with orders (ONE Order)
  • Interlining with Offers and Orders
  • Settlement with Orders

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