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Transforming travel credits management for passengers and airlines

Managing travel credits efficiently and cost-effectively has long been a pain point for airlines, causing friction with their customers. Find out how a digital wallet can turn the tide by enabling better customer experiences, flexible spend options, and value retention for airlines.

Making airline Interlining with Offers and Orders work

As the travel industry works to unlock incremental revenues, drive efficiencies through process simplification, and deliver richer traveler experiences, modernizing the technology landscape is a critical success factor to achieving these end-objectives. Enabling the retailing of air and non-air offers across airline partnerships and streamlining the processes involved will unlock multiplier effects for airlines and their partner ecosystems.

Machine Learning applications that boost airline ancillary revenues through personalized offers, today

Air and non-air ancillary services revenues are now firmly part of most airline business models. Whether airlines adopt a micro or macro segmentation approach, personalization boosts ancillary sales conversion. And the key to personalization is data.

A practical guide for Loyalty Programs to appeal to Millennials and Gen Zs

For many years, airline and hotel loyalty programs have catered to an older audience. The bread and butter of these loyalty programs has centered around the 45+ year-old business traveler.

Blockchain and IoT applications in air cargo

Experimentation is the precursor to the widespread adoption of new technologies and their innovative applications across industries. Advances in blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) are generating synergies between the two and are set to transform the air cargo landscape.

Five ways a flexible cloud platform drives business success for loyalty leaders

Launching new business ideas or adapting program designs in airline loyalty are only as viable as the underlying technology can support them. Too often, airline loyalty leaders face painfully long, resource-intensive, and costly systems customizations to get new ideas off the ground or integrate new partners into the ecosystem. The victims? Innovation, speed to market, and the ability to unlock a loyalty program´s full business potential. But there is another way.

Delivering superior value and exploiting untapped opportunities in air cargo ground handling

Air cargo connects the world, and it has done so impressively well for decades. Yet, evolving customer expectations are accelerating the need for change in the industry. Technology is advancing at a fast pace in other sectors, which creates a precedent for air cargo that has been slow to adopt modern technologies. The industry´s continued reliance on legacy systems and architectures leaves a raft of benefits off the table.

Five steps to accelerate member acquisition for airline loyalty programs

Loyalty programs acquired superstar status during the pandemic, with many airlines selling miles to secure lifeline funding and alternative revenue streams. Ultimately, the objective is to acquire new members and steer them to the scheme´s everyday earn opportunities through the airline’s co-branded credit card or partner network.

Four low or no-cost ways to improve the value of airline loyalty currencies

With so many loyalty programs competing to be top of wallet, a strategic approach to creating a valuable currency is critical. Yet, airline loyalty programs don´t just compete against each other in this lucrative space. Often, unrelated credit card schemes offer their users more attractive benefits and have stronger currency value.