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Unified Platform, Unlimited Possibilities: Exploring the Future of Hospitality Technology

Spurred by rapidly changing consumer expectations, the hospitality industry is evolving quickly. As guests increasingly seek to book experiences, not just rooms, demand instant service, and expect greater personalization and convenience, properties unable to adapt will find themselves left behind.

Boosting upsell and cross-sell opportunities in hospitality with innovative shopping cart strategies

Online retailing is used across industries to boost provider revenues and value for consumers, and at the crux of it all is a carefully crafted shopping cart strategy. In today´s world, where consumers prime ease, convenience, and personalization, hoteliers are in a singular position to offer their guests unique and holistic experiences but have struggled to replicate the success enjoyed in other industries.

Four ways to grow hotel revenues from small groups

While the statistics show continued fluctuating demand, they also point to a steadily rising trend demonstrating that people are anxious to travel again. Within that context, small group travel is on the increase and this is great news for hotels, but only if hoteliers are equipped to meet rising, yet variable, demand from this segment.

Four keys to boosting hotel website conversion with online experimentation and testing

Four keys to boosting hotel website conversion with online experimentation and testing Experimentation is an important part of the learning process in any practice area. Especially so in the online space with consumer behavior and technology evolving so quickly.

Simplifying Personalization for the Travel and Hospitality Industry

In today’s digital world, personalization is omnipresent and customers expect every business to offer truly personalized services. Travel & hospitality businesses are no exception. Being predominantly experience-centric, travel and hospitality products, offer a broad range of personalization possibilities as compared to physical goods offered by the e-commerce world. If implemented accurately, personalization can deliver an excellent experience beyond the customers' expectations, delight them, drive loyalty, and, consequently, revenues, both in improving revenue share per customer and new revenue streams.

A Roadmap for Transforming Hospitality During COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis will resonate for years with varying levels of impact on hospitality brands, depending on several factors—chain scale, location, and demand profiles, to name a few. Despite existing challenges, new opportunities are arising that, with the right technologies, hospitality companies can seize upon and solidify for greater long-term value. Consequently, the hospitality companies that succeed in the near-term will be those that become agile, respond to new consumer behavior, and embrace centralized digital solutions that transform both operations and consumer engagement to those ends.