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A Roadmap for Transforming Hospitality During COVID-19 Recovery and Beyond

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis will resonate for years with varying levels of impact on hospitality brands, depending on several factors—chain scale, location, and demand profiles, to name a few. Despite existing challenges, new opportunities are arising that, with the right technologies, hospitality companies can seize upon and solidify for greater long-term value. Consequently, the hospitality companies that succeed in the near-term will be those that become agile, respond to new consumer behavior, and embrace centralized digital solutions that transform both operations and consumer engagement to those ends.

In this guide, we will review the key strategies, essential technologies and scalable tools that will allow hospitality companies to offer products and services in more innovative ways, including:

  • Providing low-risk accommodation where customer safety and regulatory compliance are paramount
  • Increasing sales of ancillary products through direct channels
  • Introducing smart incentives that are personalized for unique customer segments to inspire new customer experiences and sales
  • Creating new revenue opportunities for new sources of per-customer income as the number of guests remains low

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