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Five features that transform airline staff travel

Overcoming airline staff shortages, recruitment, and retention challenges through enhanced staff travel experiences

While recovering passenger traffic is great news for airlines, staff shortages have wreaked travel and operational chaos as demand was picking up. Navigating through furloughs, qualifications, training timeframes, and strict industry regulations make it difficult for airlines to attract and retain people and staff their flights.

But one largely ignored area could help – staff travel benefits.

Travel perks are an important component of employee compensation packages. While airlines have placed more attention on the benefits themselves, they are still subject to cumbersome policies, back-end processes, and tools to redeem and manage. After all, if benefits aren´t properly implemented, they can cause more headwinds than tailwinds for employees, their beneficiaries, and staff travel administrators. And this is where simple and intuitive user experiences and back-end process automation can make all the difference.

Discover five key features that transform staff travel for administrators and employees.

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