Cruise Lines

Cruise lines all over the world today are aspiring to be total vacation providers and looking at ways to personalize their engagement with customers across the trip lifecycle. The Cruise industry is actively seeking capabilities to garner better customer insight, support newer distribution channels, have unconstrained access to digital content, synchronize demand and supply, put in place newer business & packaging models, enable consultative selling and reap greater efficiencies through increased automation.

IBS has over a decade of experience of working with cruise lines across the globe. As one of the industry pioneers of cruise reservation technology, we offer several products to the cruise industry including a next-generation reservation system, iTravel Cruise, designed to address the current & emerging needs of the cruise industry in every regard. Our solutions improve on-board PMS, loyalty management and professional services such as personalized document management, computer based accelerated learning programmes, independent testing, kiosks & handheld application development and website development.

Our solutions enable cruise lines to comprehensively package various ancillary offerings around the core cruise product and become total vacation provider. Whether you are a global, regional, ocean, river or a niche cruise line, we can help transform your business and make it future ready.