Passenger Airlines

Advances in technology within an evolving aviation industry are driving airline service providers to constantly upgrade conventional systems and deliver more innovative solutions. Besides increasing top line growth and improving operations efficiency, airlines today also need to satisfy the demands of the digitally empowered consumer, so they can stay ahead in the game. Partnering with the right IT solution provider can give airlines that competitive edge.

At IBS, we believe in engaging with our customers early in the process to identify business problems and design transformational IT solutions backed by our domain and technology expertise.

For our airline customers, we provide a broad portfolio of software products and services that address a wide range of mission critical and key business operations.

Our software products help airlines optimally manage a range of essential operations, including

Our product portfolio is suitable for carriers of all sizes and business models – full service, low cost, hybrid, and charter carriers, as well as capable of supporting business model changes – for instance, if an airline decides to transform from a low-cost carrier to a hybrid or a full-service carrier, our personnel and solutions are capable of managing the transition with ease.

We also provide industry specific technology services to passenger airlines enabling them to enhance their revenue opportunities and improve operational efficiency. Some of these end-to-end information technology services include:

  • Domain Specific Technology Consulting
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Digital Services