Travel Companies

Technology has changed the working dynamics of the travel industry. The very nature of the internet generates unlimited demand thanks to the infinite choices offered to customers. Dwindling customer loyalty, increased awareness and a plethora of choices are today pushing travel agencies to evolve so they stay relevant. The need of the hour is smart technology.

At IBS, we understand your challenges. As a technology partner, our solutions help you realize faster turnaround times, efficient distribution systems and real-time information broadcast ensuring you always provide your customers with the right inventory at the right price from the right supplier at the right time.

Come experience our next generation connectivity framework – the IBS Demand Gateway that serves as the single source for an exhaustive supply of hotel rooms and destination activities from a vast array of suppliers in the network. Our Private Label Portal enables you to directly connect to hotel properties in order to shop at preferred rates and book in real-time. IBS solutions are focused on powering your travel-store so you can provide a holistic travel shopping experience for your customers.