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The only constant
is change

Innovation happens when you see things
differently. With more than 20 years of
demonstrated success, we set the pace for
leading airlines worldwide.

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Empowering airlines
for a new world

Rethink traditional airline processes and
optimize your infrastructure for whatever
comes your way. Experience the real-time
visibility only our software can bring.

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Deliver on the
highest expectations

Your customers belong at the center of your
business. Develop a strong foundation to provide
customers with proactive, individualized services
that meet them where they are.

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Powering global impact 
for air cargo

Drive end-to-end air cargo management and collaboration on a single platform, providing your staff with powerful workflow management and automation tools.

  • End-to-end cargo sales and ground operations management
  • Increased productivity, efficiency, and agility
  • An open platform for partner collaboration
  • Accurately forecast cargo demand and capacity
  • Enable new products, services, and business models
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Proven Success

Find out how our data-driven platform drives new revenues, increased collaboration, and operational efficiencies for our customers.

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Case Study: American Airlines

See how leveraging our state-of-the-art platform makes airlines more responsive to a dynamic and ever-changing airline cargo industry.

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eBook: Deeper Partnerships

Discover three critical enablers for agile partnerships across the air cargo ecosystem.

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Blog: Unlocking Efficiencies

Read how closer collaboration with our ground handling partners allows us to deliver even better service quality.

Realize the benefits across your business

Explore just a few of the many ways our platform transforms your airline.

Use Case: Contactless Checkin

Reduce customer wait times and staffing requirements with contactless check-in and drop-off at airport facilities.

Use Case: Specialty Products

Efficiently handle unique requests and specialty products without disruption to your overall cargo operations.

Use Case: iPartner Handling

Simplify air cargo operations for airlines and ground handlers through rich and real-time collaboration.

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What transformation really looks like

iCargo drives success for the world's most respected airlines, enabling them to simplify air cargo management through a unified, collaborative platform.

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Collaborate with your entire team in real-time

Future-proof your airline operations with a centralized platform that provides situational awareness, agility, and performance insights across flight, fleet, hub, and crew operations.

  • Single integrated platform
  • Shared real-time information
  • Integrated disruption management
  • Intelligent, automated tools
  • Increased crew satisfaction
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Proven Success

See how our customers are gaining the agility and operational efficiency to drive business forward.

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Blog: Managing Airline Operations

Discover ten decision-making factors for your mission-critical airline operations technology.

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Whitepaper: Crew Management and Optimization

Find out why it's so critical for airlines to have the right tools and data to make crew planning decisions.

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Case Study: Lufthansa

IBS successfully replaced a 40-year-old legacy Unisys system and became the backbone of crew management within Lufthansa's IT landscape.

Realize the benefits across your business

Explore just a few of the many ways our platform transforms your airline.

Use Case: Disruption Management

Better address disruptions caused by global events, weather and natural disasters.

Use Case: Optimized Planning

Optimize your ability to plan for fleet, hub, and crew under a unified cloud-based platform.

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What transformation really looks like

iFlight drives success for the world's most respected airlines, enabling them to simplify fleet, hub, and crew operations through a unified, collaborative platform.

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Setting a first-of-its-kind standard for passengers

From search to departure control, iFly is the industry’s only digitally-native Passenger Services System, empowering airlines to promote and differentiate their products.

  • Personalized retailing across touchpoints
  • Native offer & order management
  • True dynamic & continuous pricing
  • Data-driven end-to-end automation
  • IATA NDC & ONE Order certified
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Proven Success

Check out how our customers are leveraging iFly's native offer and order management capabilities to drive innovative retailing, modern distribution, and operational efficiency.

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eBook: Gain a Strategic Edge

Accelerate your airline´s transition to retailing with offers and orders by adopting a three-phased approach.

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Case Study: Fly Gangwon

Fly Gangwon selected IBS Software´s iFly RES PSS, an integrated reservations and departure control system product suite.

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eBook: Passenger Services

Discover how a cloud-native PSS drives scalability, business agility, and cost-efficiency.

Realize the benefits across your business

Explore just a few of the many ways our platform transforms your airline.

Use Case: Ancillary Revenue

Provide customers accurate ancillary service offerings throughout the buying experience.

Use Case: Machine Learning

Use machine learning to drive intelligent analysis and better understanding of the flying habits of your travelers.

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What transformation really looks like

iRetail is a critical component of iFly. Learn how it creates millions of new retail opportunities by delivering greater value for your travelers, and more incremental revenue for you.

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Don’t just move your people, 
inspire them everyday

​​​​iFly Loyalty´s highly-configurable and data-driven design facilitates agile partner integration and self-service options to launch, test, and adapt innovative program designs for B2B and B2C audiences.

  • Personalized targeting across touchpoints
  • Agile partner integration
  • Every day earn & burn opportunities
  • Flexible programs for B2B & B2C audiences
  • Highly-configurable platform
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Proven Success

See how our customers use our highly-configurable loyalty platform to drive new revenues, innovative member engagement, and value-added partnerships.

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Blog: Your Loyalty Platform

Read about how modern loyalty platforms can support the partnership strategy you want.

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Whitepaper: Next-Gen Loyalty

This white paper explores how highly configurable loyalty platforms drive program innovation.

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Blog: Transform Travel Credits

Discover 5 key ways to overcome the systematic issue of poor travel credit management.

Realize the benefits across your business

Explore just a few of the many ways our platform transforms your airline.

Use Case: Partner Revenue

Quickly integrate partners into your loyalty program to bring new offers to your members.

Use Case: Personalization

Increase engagement with your loyalty programs through personalized offers and more relevant communications.

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What transformation really looks like

iLoyal empowers airlines to get the most out of their loyalty programs, enabling them to increase engagement, partnership, and uncover new opportunities for revenue.

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