Asiana Airlines first introduced iCargo in Korea, a next-gen airline cargo management system
V K Mathews - Executive Chairman, IBS Software and Kim Kwang-suk - Senior Executive Vice President of Cargo Business, Asiana Airlines at the Opening Ceremony in Seoul

Asiana Airlines first introduced iCargo in Korea, a next-gen airline cargo management system

02 July 2018, Seoul:

  • 30th anniversary of the foundation of the company, improve overall cargo system, leading the cargo industry. 
  • Enhance customer convenience by improving the quality of e-commerce transportation service and strengthen safety system.

Asiana Airlines officially opened iCargo, a new air cargo management system, on July 1st, 2018. In November, 2016, Asiana Airlines signed an agreement with IBS Software, a global aviation IT solutions company, to introduce iCargo, the next generation air cargo system, which encompasses cargo booking, sales, transportation, and import management. After one year and eight months, system switching and employee training was completed successfully, and applied it formally to the company cargo system.

The 'New Air Cargo System Opening Ceremony' was held at at Asiana Town headquarters on June 29th, 2018. The event was attended by more than 20 executives including Asiana Airlines President Kim Soo-cheon, Vice President Kim Gwang-suk (Cargo General Manager), Managing director of Cargo Sales Oh Yoon-kyu, Asiana IDT Managing Director Lee Chan-sung and IBS Software Executive Chairman VK Mathews.

CEO of Asiana Airlines said, "On the 30th anniversary of the company's founding, iCargo has enabled us to take a new leap forward," and "By improving the quality of cargo transportation service and improving customer service, we will secure competitiveness to cope actively."

V K Mathews, Executive Chairman, IBS Software said, "It has been proven beyond doubt that iCargo is the world’s No:1 airline cargo management solution and it is indeed a proud moment for IBS. This successful cutover at Asiana stands testimony to our capability, professionalism and  commitment to support the requirements of global organizations like Asiana Airlines. Also, I hope that Asiana Airlines achieves consistent development and global prosperity with the introduction of iCargo"

Asiana Airlines will use iCargo to enhance customer convenience through improved cargo tracking service, improve transportation efficiency and visualize transportation information by expanding mobile applications, and strengthen e-commerce transportation efficiency through strengthening network with external airlines and organizations. Asiana Airlines has been involved in the system introduction and development process with Asiana IDT, which is in charge of building and operating the IT systems of the group companies.

Asiana IDT plans to operate the cargo system built on the company's cloud server basis, and has completed work on linking the iCargo with the airline schedule and real-time arrival and departure information. In addition, warehouse management system, homepage, management information system etc. developed in-house and opened with iCargo.

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