Avianca Cargo Digitizes its Business with IBS Software’s iCargo Platform

Bogota, 25 October 2021: Avianca has completed the implementation of IBS Software's iCargo air cargo management platform, transforming the end-to-end management of its air cargo sales and operations.

IBS Software's iCargo system provides a single unified cargo management platform for Avianca Cargo and all its affiliated airlines, including AeroUnion – an all-cargo carrier based in Mexico. The implementation includes iCargo Web Portal suite, which provides a range of self-help tools to increase Avianca Cargo’s cargo selling capabilities. It provides Avianca’s customers with a dedicated, continuously available digital channel for booking and tracking as a smarter option to traditional channels like email and call centers.

Avianca Cargo has grown through acquisitions and mergers, which resulted in a range of different systems, tools, and business processes. By implementing an end-to-end cargo management platform, Avianca Cargo has unified dissimilar business systems into a single platform used by all group carriers allowing them to offer consolidated routes and bookings.

"We are very excited about our collaboration with IBS Software", said Gabriel Oliva, CEO of Avianca Cargo. "Implementing iCargo, the airfreight industry-leading system is one of the most significant IT developments for Avianca Cargo. With iCargo we will deliver more digital advancements to be more connected to our customers and partners, raising the quality of our service, improving our efficiency and enhancing our decision-making process to a more agile and data-driven one. We will continue and accelerate our journey to digital transformation".

“Avianca Cargo is one of the largest and most respected carriers in the world, and we at IBS Software are proud to welcome them on board. The successful go-live of iCargo as the core platform that will essentially spearhead their digital transformation journey is a testament to the capability of the system as well as our team’s seamless implementation record. Our total commitment to understanding our customers’ needs, deep industry expertise and single-minded focus on delivering business results remain the pillars of our delivery capability and we look forward to working with Avianca to enable the cargo business’ growth” said Ashok Rajan, Senior Vice President Global Head of Cargo, IBS Software. “We're seeing strong momentum for our iCargo platform as carriers and ground handlers all over the world running legacy systems have started to rethink their priorities to use IT and digitalization as strong levers to boost their cargo business”


About Avianca Cargo

The Avianca group is Colombia’s biggest airline and has an operational history of more than 100 years, which makes it one of the oldest airlines in the world. With destinations all over the Americas and worldwide, Avianca Cargo offers effective and innovative solutions for shipping cargo to suit customers’ needs by transporting goods and merchandise on freighter aircraft (Airbus 330F, Airbus 300F and Boeing 767F of subsidiary companies of Avianca Holdings S.A.) and using available capacity in the bellies of passenger aircraft. Avianca Cargo carries different types of cargo, meeting strict international industry standards for the transport of live animals, hazardous goods, human remains, pharmaceuticals, CoolCare, e-commerce, including perishables, which sets us apart as an airline with a track record and experience in their handling Avianca Cargo is trademark owned by Aerovías del Continente Americano S.A. Avianca, company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Colombia and licensed to be used by Tampa Cargo S.A.S.

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