Caesars Entertainment, Inc. Expands its Distribution Partnership with IBS Software to Fuel Recovery

27 Oct 2020, Las Vegas: Caesars Entertainment, Inc., the largest casino and entertainment company in the U.S., has expanded its partnership with IBS Software to transform digital distribution and sales across its entire portfolio of properties. Caesars Entertainment is using IBS Software’s iHospitality distribution platform to provide real-time access to a global audience as it looks to fuel its recovery from the COVID-19 downturn. By centralizing operations and extending reach, iHospitality allows Caesars Entertainment to reduce costs while increasing revenue. 

IBS Software was selected after Caesars Entertainment Corporation, a long-standing partner of IBS Software, was acquired by Eldorado Resorts to form Caesars Entertainment, Inc. The deal means the entire Caesars Entertainment, Inc. portfolio – with more than 55 casino properties worldwide, including eight iconic casino hotel properties on the Las Vegas Strip – will now benefit from the iHospitality solution, which can activate a new sales channel in as little as a few hours and create and syndicate promotions in minutes. 

Hotels are turning to technology partners to deliver fully automated, flexible solutions that can accelerate their recovery and help them extend their reach and stimulate demand, despite operating with fewer staff. Agile services such as personalization and packaging are critical to differentiate them from their competition.

 “Digitization is critical to our distribution strategy. Throughout our partnership over the years, IBS Software has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver an entirely digital distribution ecosystem with a flexible sales platform that has supported our strategies resulting in consistent growth. We’re excited to extend these capabilities to the rest of our portfolio,” said Pavan Kapur, Senior Vice President of commercial operations for Caesars Entertainment, Inc.

“Caesars Entertainment is a globally recognized brand and we’re thrilled to be broadening our partnership with a company at the forefront of hospitality innovation. They recognize the power of digitization to accelerate growth and the need for a robust, fully-integrated, cloud-based merchandising platform, particularly at a time like this,” said Lisa Barker, VP Global Sales for Hospitality Solutions, IBS Software. “Technology will be the catalyst of our industry’s recovery and we’re looking forward to bringing our commitment to innovation to support Caesars Entertainment on their journey”, added Lisa.

For more insight on the role of technology in supporting the hospitality industry, IBS Software’s Hospitality Roadmap to Recovery report combines customer feedback and 20+ years of technical expertise to solve the varied problems that the COVID-19 crisis has introduced.


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