Canadian airline WestJet is aiRES launch customer

Cochin (Oct 5, 2005): IBS Software Services today announced that WestJet, the No. 2 Canadian airline, has entered into a multi-year agreement for aiRES, the new generation Passenger Services System (PSS), developed by IBS in collaboration with Cendant Travel Distribution Services (TDS). WestJet, which is Canada's leading low-cost airline, was also named Canada's most respected corporation for customer service in 2005. aiRES (formerly known as iRes) will replace WestJet’s current reservation, scheduling and check-in systems.

Making the announcement, Mr. V K Mathews, Chairman and Managing Director, IBS said, “This is a very important milestone in the business life cycle of aiRES. WestJet is one of the most admired corporations in Canada and a highly respected name in the airline industry for innovative business thinking and practice. It is a matter of exceptional pride for us that one of the most reputed new generation airlines in the world has signed up for aiRES. Our vision for aiRES is to make it the leading passenger services system for the air transportation industry, and with this achievement we are on the right track to get there.”

aiRES is IBS’ innovative new passenger services platform designed to replace less flexible, more expensive, older legacy airline ‘hosting’ systems. The system supports an airline’s ability to be more efficient, agile and innovative in a rapidly changing airline environment. WestJet will implement this integrated, multi-hosting system to effectively manage its passenger reservations, inventory control, fares, ticketing, and departure control functions. WestJet, the launch customer for the new airline reservation platform, now also serves as a co-development partner.

Built on new technology and designed with an open, multi-layered modular architecture, aiRES provides the utmost flexibility by enabling business model changes without making major changes directly to the software. In addition, aiRES can enable airlines to integrate their distribution channels with other travel services. This architecture could, for example, allow a customer returning a rental car at the airport to simultaneously receive an airline boarding pass, or while checking in at an airport kiosk, customers can book a hotel or make dinner reservations at a local restaurant. The new technology will also enable functionality that supports improved customer service and increased efficiencies for the airline, such as a three-step booking process and very fast check-in.

Don Bell, Executive Vice President, WestJet added, “We’ve worked closely with IBS and Cendant TDS to develop an integrated system that will provide WestJet with innovative, industry-leading technology that will enable WestJet to continue to have a competitive advantage. aiRES’ open architecture and flexibility will allow WestJet to more effectively implement change and quickly respond to market conditions. Over the past year, our teams have worked together to ensure that WestJet had the right foundation for success in executing against our business strategy, and the tools to be able to respond to changing market and competitive conditions. Cendant TDS and IBS have been able to deliver based on our unique needs, and we’re excited about the future opportunities that await us.”

“The airline industry has long needed a new Passenger Service System that more effectively supports rapidly changing business processes and evolving business models,” said Flo Lugli, Senior Vice President, Airline Solutions for Cendant TDS. “WestJet’s commitment demonstrates the advantages in our technology and flexible business approach.”

Lugli added, “aiRES delivers a new level of service that the airline industry has never experienced before. With our unmatched portfolio of assets, Cendant TDS drives innovative business models that can help deliver more business to airlines and lower transaction costs. WestJet has always been an innovative and progressive carrier. This is particularly significant because we seek partners who believe in a collaborative and highly aligned business approach.”

aiRES is jointly brought to market through a business alliance between IBS and Cendant TDS. Cendant TDS is responsible for the sales, marketing, product management and customer relationships for the aiRES product while IBS manages product development, technical support and maintenance. More information on aiRES can be obtained at

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