IBS Acquires Moveo Systems (P) LTD

01 November 2011, Trivandrum: IBS Software, a leading global provider of next generation IT solutions to the Travel, Transportation and Logistics industry has acquired Moveo Systems (www.moveosystems.com), a Bangalore based privately held company developing innovative next generation human interaction solutions for airports and enterprises. The merger will significantly enhance and strengthen the Airport Operations Line of Business of IBS as well as drive the enterprise mobility offering for the company by leveraging the IP-based framework developed by Moveo. This is the sixth strategic acquisition of IBS in its 14 year history making it the only single vendor in the world with an IT offering in all business areas of aviation - passenger reservation, airline and airport operations, aircraft maintenance engineering and cargo management. Prior to this acquisition, IBS made two acquisitions in Europe in 2002 and 2003, strengthening its capability in airline and airport operations domain and three company acquisitions in the USA in 2006 and 2008, expanding its solution portfolio to cover travel hospitality and aircraft engineering areas.

“Moveo Systems specializes in providing passenger relationship and information services to airport customers and users, an area of business interest to IBS. Moveo Systems brings considerable proficiency in enterprise mobility, providing perfect synergy to IBS’ existing operations. Ability to deliver information any where, any time through mobile application is of critical importance for a complete travel experience. With this integration, we have significantly augmented our capabilities to offer cutting edge solutions that help our customers transform their businesses” said VK Mathews, Executive Chairman, The IBS Group.”

“Through acquisitions, IBS seek to widen its bouquet of offerings in the industry that we operate, speed up innovative practices and exceed customer expectations. Acquisition of Moveo Systems enables us to be in a position to leverage existing strengths into new opportunities. It also provides a platform to provide fully integrated solutions to the industry by enhancing client experience." says Rajiv Shah, CEO The IBS Group.

“Product driven innovation in the airport and mobility segments has been a mantra for success for Moveo from our inception,” said Sankalp Saxena, Chairman and CEO of Moveo Systems.“Our Airport Information Portal has set a new global benchmark for digital interactivity in airports and the merger with IBS will enable Moveo to hyper-accelerate the reach of such solutions to customers across the globe. In addition, our expertise in enterprise mobility will further complement the solution offerings available for IBS customers.”

With the integration, Moveo becomes part of IBS and Sankalp Saxena, Moveo Chairman and CEO, assumes role as the President, Aviation Operations Services in IBS heading the Airline, Airport & Cargo operations.