IBS Group Sales Director addresses two International Conferences

Cologne (Germany), Feb 24: Ken Moody, Airport Sales Director of Avient Solutions, part of the IBS Group, was invited as guest speaker at Airport Industry 2005 held at Moscow and Passenger Terminal Expo 2005 in Cologne. Avient Solutions is IBS’ global centre for flight operations based in London.

At the conferences Ken addressed issues such as “How To Improve Efficiency And Reduce Costs In Today’s Airports”. He emphasised the increasing demand for better facilities and security measures at airports, owing mainly to an increase in traffic at modern airports. Moreover, new national and international regulations continue to govern airport operations. Ken impressed upon the audience that one way to respond to industry requirements is by integrating systems and data exchange, which will ultimately provide operational flexibility allowing airport managers to concentrate on improving the passenger experience and turn cost centres into profit centres.

Airport Industry 2005 was held at the World Trade Centre, Moscow from 16th to 18th Feb 05. This was a international conference in addition to being a specialised exhibition of professional equipment, technology and services for airports and airlines. The conference “Airport Industry” brought together the honchos of the aviation business, representatives of well-known airports and trade unions for discussing the topical issues of the industry.

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