IBS’ iCargo to Power the Cargo Management of NAS Kuwait

14 July 2016, Kuwait: National Aviation Services, Kuwait (NAS) has switched over to IBS’ next generation cargo management system - iCargo - for managing its end-to-end operations at Kuwait International Airport. NAS is the fastest growing aviation services provider with presence across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. iCargo will help NAS transform its business operations enabling revenue enhancing opportunities as well as scale new heights in customer satisfaction. The iCargo solution will bring significant advantages to NAS processes around import, export, warehouse operations, bonded operations as well as the billing associated with its air cargo handling operations. iCargo will also enable NAS to align with industry initiatives such as eAWB and CXML facilitated through iCargo’s advanced message handling capabilities. The solution is optimized to handle the special business requirements for operating in the region, including connectivity to customs and capability to truck handling inbuilt in the system.  This will significantly improve the seamless inter-modal movement of freight within the Middle East region.

IBS and NAS accomplished a seamless migration of its entire operations to the new iCargo platform in 6 months over three phases. With the implementation of iCargo, NAS becomes part of the IBS Cargo Forum (ICF) - an exclusive community of IBS’ cargo customers which includes airlines as well as other cargo ground handling companies. iCargo will be fully operated at NAS via the IBS’ private cloud/SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model.

Gerold Tumulka, Chief Operating Officer, NAS: “Technology today is providing immense possibilities to the air cargo industry that was absent a decade ago. Continued investment in the right technology and processes combined with a trusted technology partner are absolute requirements for businesses like ours which have significant interests in core air freight handling. We found the right technology in iCargo and the right partner and advisor in IBS Software, proven by the robustness of their product and  their successful implementations in leading airlines and ground handlers around the world. This has already been aptly demonstrated in the transition phase to iCargo.”

Jitendra Sindhwani, President & Head of Aviation Business Services, IBS : “The implementation of iCargo at NAS is a significant milestone for IBS’ cargo line of business. Ground Handling is a critical link in the supply chain where the real delivery of service is accomplished and hence presents tremendous opportunities for transforming the air cargo industry by expanding adoption of paperless freight, reducing the overall cycle time and also in enhancing the overall customer experience. We are delighted to welcome NAS into the IBS cargo family and look forward to widen our foot print in the GHA business within and outside the Middle East.”

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