IBS is now PCMM Level 5 Certified

Cochin (India), Nov 06: IBS Software Services has been successfully assessed at PCMM Level 5. This was announced byKPMG at a Final Findings Presentation conducted at Technopark, Trivandrum on the 3rd of Nov2006. Developed by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University inPittsburgh, USA, PCMM (People Capability Maturity Model), is a maturity framework that focuseson continuously improving the management and development of the human assets of anorganization. Level-5 is the highest level of PCMM assessment. With this, IBS is part of an elitegroup of software companies.

The assessment was led by KPMG and was conducted over a period of 3 months. The finalevaluation was based on a thorough analysis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses andopportunities for improvement in its people practices/ processes, as compared to setbenchmarks. Both the IBS Centers (Trivandrum & Cochin) were subject to the assessment.According to Aravinda Prabhu, the Lead assessor from KPMG, “ I had the opportunity ofworking with a wonderful team at IBS. All the ATMs (Assessment Team Members) have sacrificedmuch to ensure everything goes well. I have not seen such a great team before and I applaudthem for their dedication and hard work.”

About PCMM

PCMM describes an evolutionary improvement path from ad hoc, inconsistently performedpractices, to a mature, disciplined one. Continuous development of the knowledge, skills, andmotivation of the workforce enhance strategic business performance. The People CMM providesguidance to organizations in selecting immediate improvement actions that help organizations:

• Characterize the maturity of their workforce practices• Prioritize for immediate action• Integrate workforce development with process improvement• Become an employer of choice

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