IBS launches iFly Solution Suite

Singapore, 11 February 2009: IBS Software, one of the leading providers of new-generation software solutions to the travel, transportation and logistics (TTL) industries, today launched iFly, the next generation airline passenger services solution suite, which addresses the entire gamut of Passenger Services functionalities for airlines, including passenger reservations, airport departure control, loyalty & CRM, holidays & tours, and distribution management. iFly has the functional breadth and depth to support all process areas of airline passenger services function, and with the launch, IBS has become a provider of a one-stop-solution that addresses the business needs of all types of airlines.

The iFly suite consists of several next generation product lines that handle functions ranging from passenger reservations and customer loyalty program to airline staff travel. The suite even has an e-commerce platform for distribution of travel products directly to customers. The strength of the solution suite is derived from its flexibility and ease of integration. The suite includes a host of new features with rich applications to enhance the travel experience of passengers and revenue generation opportunities for the airlines while reducing its cost of operations. The iFly suite will link customers directly with the airline/s products and services and is designed to cater to all types of airlines; from Low Cost Carriers, through the various emerging hybrid business models to the most complex Full Service carriers.

Specifically, the suite comprises

• iFly Res : A system for airline passenger service reservations, check-in, inventory management, fares & ticketing
• iFly DCS: Airport flight departure control system
• iFly Loyalty : A system for airline passenger loyalty and CRM
• iFly Tour : Airline holiday & tours management system
• iFly Serve : Flight special services management system
• iFly Staff : Airline staff travel management system
• iFly RDS : e-commerce platform for packaging & distributing travel products directly

The products are running successfully with several airlines globally, today. iFly is proactive and responds quickly to changing market conditions by adapting and supporting innovation. The suite has highly flexible channel management capabilities to help manage sales of various products - Air, Hotel, Car, Tours, Packages; providing greater market reach and cost efficiencies. The functional flexibility of iFly is matched with carefully scaled pricing such that airlines only pay for the systems functionality they use. In addition iFly is fully delivered as a complete outsourced service by IBS, minimizing an airline’s need for IT resources. “Apart from offering a `one-point solution’, we believe that iFly suite, conceived top down and engineered bottom up using next generation technologies, will be one of the most powerful and cost-effective solutions for the air transportation industry, promoting and supporting changing business models'” said V K Mathews, Chairman and CEO, IBS Group “iFly will help airlines offer a new level of convenience for its customers, gain control over operations and maintain competitive edge in the industry. We at IBS have always strived to develop solutions for the emerging airline business. The suite’s ability to offer diverse services can bring in ancillary revenue to the airlines business. The industry today recognizes this opportunity and we develop solutions to realize this”.