IBS launches Road Safety Management System at RSTM 2005 at Cairo

Cairo (Egypt), Feb 10: IBS launched its Road Safety Management System (RSMS), an innovative GIS-based accident database system at the Road Safety and Traffic Management conference, a two-day event held in Cairo on 7-8 February 2005.

RSMS marks IBS’ foray into road safety management. IBS representatives presented RSMS at the conference and delegates who visited the IBS pavilion were given a hands-on demo. IBS’ participation at the conference also helped establish its presence in the growing Middle East and North African market.

RSMS facilitates efficient recording and analysis of road accident data. It ensures collaboration among traffic police, public works department, motor vehicles department, insurance companies and non-government agencies involved in road safety. The software can be integrated with the police records and maintained by the government crime records bureau and road engineering departments. The analysis of accident information helps road safety engineers to recommend appropriate counter measures.

The forum provided an opportunity for speakers, delegates and government officials to meet and discuss on how to drive forward road safety and traffic management initiatives. Discussions included law enforcement, health services, media and community awareness initiatives and programs, management of road infrastructure, urban and environmental planning and new technologies.

This landmark event set off innovative approaches to road safety and a coordinated effort to share best practices and measures that address the root causes of road accidents.

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