IBS' SmartCargo wins two Cargo Airlines in North America

Trivandrum, India; 07 March 2006: IBS Software Services has secured two launch customers for its air cargo inventory management product, SmartCargo. CargoJet and Northern Air Cargo, both based out of North America, have chosen IBS’ offering over other products from International competitors.

CargoJet, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, selected SmartCargo for its combination of optimised inventory control, Internet booking capability and on-line track & trace services. Anju Virmani, CIO of CargoJet said, “We were attracted to SmartCargo because it gives us big cargo system management capabilities at a very cost-effective price. Our business strategy is to expand into international cargo services and this system with its Internet capabilities will support our new global reach.” CargoJet operates a fleet of B727-200 freighters on cargo routes across Canada.

According to Stephanie Holthaus, Vice President of Cargo - Northern Air Cargo: “We have been looking for a new IT system for some time as part of our ongoing investments in automation, but only SmartCargo has the business functionality we needed in a fully integrated solution. We intend to offer e-tracking services to our regular customers and to use the inventory control and revenue management features of the system to improve on our freight yields.” Northern Air Cargo is a supplemental air carrier across the state of Alaska. It has a mixed fleet of DC6, B727-100 and ATR 72 freighter aircraft and hauls all types of air cargo.

Mr. V K Mathews, Chairman and Managing Director, IBS, said, “SmartCargo was envisioned as an efficient and cost-effective Cargo handling system and developed with our considerable domain experience and hardcore technical expertise. The fact that CargoJet and Northern Air Cargo have chosen SmartCargo over other products, takes IBS one step further towards our vision of becoming the global leader in the Travel Logistics domain."

SmartCargo is a futuristic solution that supports the integrated management of cargo reservations and ground operations. An effective tool for cargo capacity management, tracking, pricing and revenue optimisation, it enables accurate estimation of available cargo capacities using historical information, increases revenue through better management of available capacities. In addition it maintains integrated cargo tariffs, thus enabling airlines to provide the best possible prices and to assess the effectiveness of cargo operations in terms of revenue and provides to-the-point information on shipment status. It also facilitates communication of shipment status to the supplier/customer, giving airline customers direct access to airline services via the internet and supporting barcode scanning enabled operations for ease of data capture and reduced errors.

About CargoJet

CargoJet is Canada’s leading provider of time sensitive overnight air cargo services. CargoJet operates its network from coast to coast to thirteen major Canadian cities each business night, on behalf of major couriers, freight forwarders and manufacturers. Visit www.cargojet.com for more information.

About Northern Air Cargo

Northern Air Cargo is Alaska’s largest all cargo airline. Currently in their 50th year, NAC serves 15 scheduled locations and over 40 charter and flagstop destinations throughout rural Alaska. A subsidiary company of Saltchuk Resources, Northern Air Cargo also encompasses Naclink, a freight forwarding company, Northern Air Aviation Services, and Northern Air Maintenance Services. With an operating fleet of four jet and turbine aircraft and five Douglas DC-6 workhorse aircraft, the company employs 280 people and has annual revenue in excess of $50 million dollars. Focused primarily in rural Alaska, Northern Air Cargo also provides charter service throughout the United States and internationally. NAC performs logistics, air, ground and maintenance support for large and small industries including oil and gas, mining and wild Alaska seafood. Visit www.nac.aero for more information.

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