IBS Software Introduces iTravel in the North America Market, Launches iTravel Cruise at Seatrade Cruise Global 2016

14 March 2016, Miami: IBS Software is introducing its iTravel Product in North America at the 2016 Seatrade Cruise Global exhibition. iTravel is a revolutionary merchandizing, inventory management and pricing platform with a modular design that enables travel companies to build scalable, flexible, traveler-centric business models.

iTravel has various versions, targeted to the needs of hotels, airlines, tour operators, cruise lines, and other travel companies, who share the need to deliver a personalized traveler experience across the entire trip.
At the core of the cloud-based software platform is customer centricity that facilitates engagement between a travel company and its customers across the entire travel life cycle, from product selection through booking, customization and during and after the trip. Price, channel, product recommendations and service can be customized at the traveler level, enabling a travel provider to improve booking conversions and drive customer loyalty.

"The vision of iTravel is to 'Redefine the Travel Business' by taking a fresh look at how travel companies package and deliver their services to consumers," said VK Mathews, chairman of IBS Software. "Changes in customer behavior and technology are driving fundamental changes in the structure of travel distribution. The travel companies that will thrive in the future will be more customer focused, nimble, flexible and intelligent by using smarter technology like iTravel."

The iTravel product is highly responsive to the business context. In a dynamic business environment, cruise reservation systems need to be able to change system behavior based on how the cruise line is performing in real time. iTravel can capture various business metrics that can serve as parameters that enable a travel company to set policies that automatically are executed based on the state of the business.

To "future-proof" the iTravel platform, the product is continually developed through a Core Group of Influence -- a select group of product users and technologists brought together to create the most definitive travel reservation system. Members of the iTravel CGI drive product development to closely align with CGI partners' business needs and priorities to achieve a faster return on investment.

In addition, continuous dialogue and interaction between the travel industry and IBS Software helps to keep the technology fresh and relevant, and thought leadership and the unique collaborative approach ensure best-in-class functionality that can enhance iTravel users' market position.

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