IBS Software Launches New iFlight Platform to Transform Airline Operations for the Covid-19 Era

17 March 2021, Trivandrum, India: IBS Software, a leading SaaS solutions provider to the travel industry, has launched a new version of iFlight that provides airlines with a single platform for Operations (Ops), Crew and now Hub management, allowing airlines to balance operational disruption with cost efficiency and customer satisfaction across their entire network.

The new capabilities in iFlight makes IBS Software the first company to provide the aviation industry with this level of operational insight and management functionality across all three areas – a major development given that Covid-19 has intensified scrutiny on operations as airlines look to emerge from the pandemic. IBS Software has also announced that LATAM Airlines Group has already deployed the new iFlight Ops and Crew modules.

The latest version of iFlight is built on a SaaS technology platform designed for airlines and airline groups to manage operations using advanced optimization, real-time situational analytics, proactive alerting, business rule authoring and disruption management tools. iFlight is developed as a fully integrated technology platform with three specific modules for Ops, Crew and Hub management. These combined modules help improve operational efficiency, rapid scalability, increased aircraft and crew utilization, higher crew satisfaction, and a greater return on investment.

Ops – ‘iFlight Ops’ provides airlines with a single platform to monitor flight operations and make informed, proactive and data-led decisions to optimize fleet utilization. It is designed to manage operations end-to-end, maximizing resources and minimizing disruption. It allows airlines to respond to delays, diversions, cancelations, and irregular operations (IROPs) faster, by optimizing operational parameters, which have become crucial especially during Covid-19. In addition to the day-to-day tracking functionality, the module also provides tail allocation optimization and a recovery workflow engine that helps airlines reduce operational and disruption related costs.

Crew – ‘iFlight Crew’ has multiple integrated features for optimizing crew management, including a unique operational monitoring concept that combines both aircraft and crew information – making it the first product on the market to integrate both Ops and Crew into a single view. The module provides a holistic crew management capability covering, manpower planning, pairing/rostering, tracking and recovery. It ensures an enhanced and proactive aircraft and crew alerting mechanism that reduces unplanned diversions and delays and improves resource utilization. For example, in the event of a disruption to a flight schedule, both the Ops and Crew teams can work together on a combined solution, as opposed to Crew management having to reactively respond to changes. Covid-19 requires airlines to tackle multiple changing crew and safety protocols while ramping up flight schedules, and smart data-driven analytics provides critical information for smooth running operations. The integration of flight and crew management into a single digital platform has been made possible through IBS Software’s strategic acquisition of crew optimization software provider AD OPT in 2019.

Hub – ‘iFlight Airport’ is a new fully integrated hub management module that provides airlines with a complete picture of operations across their hub, allowing airlines to use shared iFlight platform features to optimize travel. Using iFlight Airport, airlines have a single view of passenger travel plans, allowing them to respond to potential issues in real-time. For example, if a flight is disrupted and passengers are at risk of missing a connection, iFlight provides the insight needed to take decisive action, such as changing the connecting flight’s departure gate to minimize transit time at the airport, or allocating a different parking berth for aircraft to be closer to the departure gate. 

“As airlines begin to re-emerge from Covid-19, there is an inevitable laser focus on the efficiency of their operations. Ramping up flight schedules is far from straight forward and making the right operational decisions is more critical than ever, as airlines strive to minimise the financial impact of disruption as they adapt,” said Mathew M Baby, Head of Airline Operations at IBS Software. “Technology that delivers intelligent, data-led insight and the ability to make rapid decisions about their business model is an airline’s greatest ally. By providing airlines with a single view of all operations for the first time, the new iFlight gives them the tools to lessen the impact of unplanned disruptions, create contingency plans and streamline their entire network – and ultimately position them for growth in a new and challenging market.”

Because it is SaaS-based, iFlight’s architecture is scalable and robust, ensuring seamless integration that helps airlines efficiently manage disruption and future-proof their technology investments, while maintaining cost flexibility. The technology has been developed and built on proven operational experience and under the guidance of a Core Group of Influence (CGI), constituting global airline majors.

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