IBS Software & OnAsset Partner to Give Air Cargo a Digital Voice

11 July 2016, Trivandrum: IBS Software, the leading IT solutions provider to the global aviation industry and OnAsset Intelligence, the innovator of aviation industry compliant real-time cargo tracking and monitoring solutions have concluded an agreement that results in full integration of OnAsset’s product suite with IBS’s air cargo management system, iCargo. This pioneering achievement enables rapid deployment and seamlessly-integrated use of SENTRY FlightSafe® devices to deliver real-time consignment location and sensor data to IBS’s iCargo system.

Using OnAsset’s FAA and EASA certified SENTRY devices, location and sensor data is reported in real-time for inclusion in the CargoiQ door to door (D2D) message flow standard. This supplemental location and condition data add significant new dimensions to the accuracy and timeliness of message delivery. IBS’ next generation iCargo provides integrated tools for planning and active monitoring of specialised products (such as cool-chain, pharma and valuable shipments) IBS and OnAsset share a mutual vision for the future of connected cargo, and have partnered to enable technology-driven automation and value-added innovation to their customers.

Adam Crossno, CEO of OnAsset Intelligence commented “The industry demand for improved e-freight is to deliver better and accurate visibility, particularly the three primary pieces of information; where is it, what condition is it in, and who has it. Secure availability of these three aspects, in real time, from point of manufacturing to point of delivery is fundamental to delivering compliance with all current regulations. The information delivered through OnAsset’s industry compliant real-time tracking and monitoring solution has full interoperability with the IATA messaging standards.”

Ashok Rajan, Vice President and Head, Air Cargo Business at IBS said “The air cargo industry is at the threshold of a new phase of change and needs ways and means to differentiate the services that it offers to its customers. Being able to offer specialised and tailored products and services is key to the success of air cargo carriers and service providers in high growth segments such as pharma. Our industry leading solution iCargo provides integrated capabilities for planning, monitoring and delivering high quality for high value products. Our aim is to take that even further through real time integration with sensors and monitoring devices – often referred to as the ‘Internet of Things’. The capability to offer iCargo ‘pre-wired’ to real time tracking devices takes it to the next level of capability.”

About OnAsset Intelligence

OnAsset Intelligence is the global leader in airborne asset tracking services. The company manufactures wireless devices that monitor all modes of transport including land, sea and air. Products and services include SENTRY wireless hardware and the Vision™ Monitoring Platform. Its flagship product, SENTRY FlightSafe®, is approved by commercial and cargo operators across the globe. The company is headquartered in Irving, Texas. OnAsset currently holds 16 awarded patents for its solutions covering aspects of hardware and software, with many more in application status


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