IBS Software’s New iFlight Platform Transforms Global Flight Operations at LATAM Airlines

17 March 2021, Santiago: LATAM Airlines Group has deployed IBS Software’s iFlight digital platform to optimize their flight and crew operations across all its Spanish Speaking Carriers (SSC) and cargo subsidiaries. All the LATAM SSC and cargo subsidiary carriers (LATAM Chile, Colombia, LanExpress, Peru, Ecuador, Chile Cargo, Cargo Colombia, and Cargo Brazil) are already operating on the integrated iFlight Ops and Crew SaaS platform.

LATAM becomes the first airline to implement the latest version of iFlight, which has been optimized to help airlines balance operational disruption with cost efficiency and customer satisfaction across their entire network. iFlight is a fully integrated technology platform developed as three specific modules to optimize Ops, Crew and Hub management, making IBS Software the first company to provide the aviation industry with this level of operational insight and management functionality.

Through the implementation of iFlight, LATAM’s System Operations Team has a single integrated platform to proactively monitor Ops and Crew management and make informed, data-led decisions. The single view of Ops and Crew means that LATAM can respond in real-time to flight disruptions caused by external factors, improve customer service, reduce delays, and the impact of disruption and cancellation costs. iFlight’s comprehensive cost and KPI monitoring capability will allow LATAM to evaluate the full financial impact of operational decisions and reduce operational cost overruns.

LATAM Brazil and LATAM Paraguay will deploy iFlight later in 2021, as part of the multi-phase transition.

The global pandemic has placed enormous pressure on airlines to remove inefficiencies and reduce costs. Airlines need a proactive, data-led operations strategy as they emerge from the pandemic, so that they can minimize the impact of delays, diversions, cancelations, and irregular operations (IROPs) as they resume and maintain operations. Integrated solutions help airlines successfully implement contingency plans and reduce the impact of disruption, as they adapt to an evolving post-COVID-19 world. iFlight will equip the LATAM operations teams with the insight needed to make informed, strategic decisions about their business models and operational objectives.

“With this transformation, we are now able to harness the latest industry technology to optimize efficiency and ensure our passengers benefit from improved on-time performance. The deployment reinforces our commitment to providing industry leading services and experiences to our passengers” said Hernán Pasman, Chief Operations Officer, LATAM Airlines Group.

“This iFlight implementation is an important milestone in the digital transformation journey at LATAM,” said Mathew M Baby, Head of Airline Operations, IBS Software. “The digitization of airline operations has never been more important as airlines look to improve Ops and Crew utilization to capitalize on all possible efficiencies and enhance the passenger experience. IBS Software is committed to innovation, and providing airlines the technology they need to respond to the ever-changing market.”

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