IBS' Solution to Power France’s First Luxury Cruise Liner

27 March 2013, Trivandrum: Marseille based COMPAGNIE DU PONANT, the first French luxury cruise liner, has switched over to IBS’ cruise inventory and pricing solution to manage its entire passenger reservation. Travellers from any part of the world can now book online on a multi-lingual interface or research the cruise extensively through the web prior to calling to make a reservation. The web-based user interface also offers associated services like dining, shore excursions, pre and post tours, special requests, amenities, on-board credit facilities, insurance and flight arrangements. The solution facilitates interchangeable cabin configuration, variable segment embark/disembark pricing and even rules engine-based discounts & commission structures. The luxury liner offers cruises to the six continents including Africa, America, Antarctica, Asia, Europe and Oceania and carried more than 20,000 passengers, generating revenues in excess of €80 million in 2012. The ‘Cruise Partner’ system will also be used by tour operator Tapis Rouge International as well as the Ponant Yacht Club, both owned by COMPAGNIE DU PONANT. Cruise Partner is the inventory and pricing solution used by nearly twenty leading cruise lines worldwide including Henna, the largest cruise ship in mainland China which commenced its maiden journey on January 26, 2013.

Under the deal, the airline sales/inventory, terminal operations/handling, ULD management and revenue accounting systems will be integrated into a single, comprehensive solution. By bringing the entire cargo management system under a single application suite, real time information and actionable intelligence access for users at all levels across all global locations will be improved considerably.  This will ensure stronger decision making capabilities and vast improvements in the overall utilization of perishable assets leading to enhanced revenue generation and operational efficiency.

“The IBS’S solution will enable COMPAGNIE DU PONANT to be more proactive and adapt our product offer to the market. We will therefore better meet our client’s expectation and reach even higher client’s satisfaction ranking   which is one of COMPAGNIE DU PONANT’s assets. We look forward to a long term partnership with IBS” said Mr. Jean Emmanel Sauvée, CEO of COMPAGNIE DU PONANT.

“Customers of luxury cruise lines demand personalized offerings and service. Cruise Partner will significantly enable COMPAGNIE DU PONANT to differentiate its offerings based on consumer profile and need. The innovations introduced in the sales process will also help improve the efficiency of call center staff and enable them to do consultative selling” said Mr. Asish Koshy, Head of Travel & Cruise Line of Business of IBS.