London’s Gatwick Airport Enhances Efficiency with IBS Solution

19 May 2014, Trivandrum: IBS Software, one of the leading IT solution provider to the global air transportation industry, has successfully implemented a series of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (ACDM) tools at London’s Gatwick Airport. These tools will improve collaboration between all the airport partners which will in turn maximize capacity and service, while reducing emissions and operating costs. The tools that have become operational include intelligent alert generator, alert distributor, DPI message generation & processing and flight monitor. London Gatwick is the UK’s second largest airport and the busiest single-runway in the world. The airport currently serves 200 destinations in 90 countries for 34 million passengers a year on short and long haul point-to-point services.

The ACDM solutions that have been put into operation complements the software solutions of IBS that are already functional at the airport since long - covering areas like Departure Control Systems (DCS), Ground Handling, Resource Management and Baggage Services – that helps plan, manage and track flights and airport resource usage.

"IBS has helped us achieve an important milestone in the program which now allows us to move forward with DPI testing with Eurocontrol. Throughout the program, IBS has consistently delivered quickly, efficiently, collaboratively and with exceptional quality." Said Erik Einset, ACDM55 Program Leader, London Gatwick.

“A-CDM is an important addition to the airport solutions available from IBS. We are delighted that our products are a key element to the quick and successful implementation of this initiative. We are also proud to being part of making the airport more efficient, at reduced costs and enhanced capacity.” Said Mick Auger, Senior Airport Business Consultant, IBS Software.

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