Malaysia Airlines chooses IBS’ AvientCrew

Kuala Lumpur, 30 Jun 09: Malaysia Airlines has signed a long term contract with IBS, a leading supplier of IT solutions for the travel, transportation and logistics industry, for its crew management system, AvientCrew. This single integrated solution will replace the two different crew management systems that are currently being used by the airline to manage their Technical Crew and Cabin Crew rosters. While the current system atMalaysia Airlines uses a combination of manual and IT-based systems coupled with defined business rules and processes, the new system from IBS will automate the entire crew management and tracking process facilitating crew pairing, rostering, tracking and manpower planning. AvientCrew contains fully integrated versions of TPAC™ Pairing and TPAC™ Rostering optimisation engines provided by IBS’s partner, Constraint Techologies (CTI). AvientCrew will be fully implemented in four phases over the next two years.

AvientCrew is an integrated system that will help Malaysia Airlines find the most cost-effective use of crew at every stage from tactical planning through day-of-operations execution to disruption recovery. The system will provide the airline multiple benefits in terms of improved crew productivity, minimal crewing disruptions, reduced disruption costs, streamlined administrative processes, automatic roster assignment, enhanced decision making capabilities through 'what if' scenarios, real-time alerts and accurate forecast of manpower requirement, both short and long term. The AvientCrew solution of IBS is already being used by six majorairlines, that include Emirates, Jet Airways and Cathay Pacific among others.

Malaysia Airlines' Director of Operations, Dato' Tajuden Abu Bakar said, "In this dynamic environment, we realize the pressing need to upgrade our systems to keep up with software solutions provided for the global travel, transportation and logistics industry. We chose to work with IBS, as their portfolio of products is fully accepted by the industry.

"The integration of crew and fleet operations will not only help build efficiency, but also reduce disruption costs. This is in line with our focus to continuously review all aspects of operations to boost revenue and ensure leaner operations while enhancing the quality of our services," he said. On the occasion, Peter Cefai, President and Head Global Business Operations, IBS Group said, “We are extremely honored and pleased that Malaysia Airlines has chosen us as a partner in their ongoing drive to improve overall operating efficiency. The phased implementation of our AvientCrew system allows benefits to be realised by MAS at an early stage, and achieve rapid return on investment. As an end-to-end crew management solution, AvientCrew will be a critical component of MAS’s operations, ensuring safety, efficiency and well-being of the crew. IBS views this partnership as the start of a long-term relationship to help MAS meet its business goals through innovative IT solutions.”

About Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines(, the national carrier of Malaysia and one of Asia's largest, flies nearly 50,000 passengers daily to some 100 destinations worldwide across 6 continents. The distinctiveMalaysia Airlines brand is an extension of the special culture of warmth and friendliness unique to Malaysians. This inimitable Malaysian sense of graciousness is branded as "Malaysian Hospitality" and symbolized by the acronym MH which is also the airline's flight code.

Malaysia Airlines holds a lengthy record of service and best practices excellence and is one of only six airlines worldwide to be accredited a "5-Star Airline" by Skytrax, an accomplishment it has achieved for four consecutive years, 2005-2009. It has also received the accolade of "World's Best Cabin Staff" by Skytrax over six years, 2001-2004, 2007 and 2009 - the most for any airline.

In line with its vision to be the World's Five Star Value Carrier, Malaysia Airlines holds strongly to its promise of quality products and services to customers at affordable cost. The airline's customers are also able to enjoy innovative facilities like web check-in and inflight mobile connectivity for enhanced convenience. Malaysia Airlines also has a strong reputation in the aviation industry for reliability & safety and is accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) with IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) for its operational safety practices.

About CTI

Constraint Technologies (CTI) works closely with customers and partners in the highly competitive transportation, travel and logistics sector. The company provides optimization software that helps customers plan, operate and manage their business more effectively. This improves service levels and reduces operating costs.

CTI invests heavily in research and development and applies its technology to challenging customer problems. Thereby the company achieves continuous improvement in performance and capability, and now has software that is world-class, effective, flexible, scalable and accessible, Based in Melbourne, Australia, CTI partners with IBS to deliver solutions to airlines on a global basis. Customers include Qantas, Oman Air, Jet Airways, Australian RailTrack, RailCorp and Rio Tinto.