More effective IT solutions for greater economy in airline operations

London (UK), May 21: London-based Avient Solutions, an IBS Group company, announced its partnership with the Australian IT company Constraint Technologies International (CTI), at the AGIFORS Airline Operations 2005 Conference, held at Mainz in Germany.

Under the terms of the agreement, Avient Solutions will incorporate CTI optimisation technology within its suite of software products. The combined software suite will include Schedules, Planning, Movement Control, Crew Rostering, Crew Control and Recovery Optimisation. The new package will provide a comprehensive, integrated decision support and operations management solution offering the industry the tools to tackle significant new challenges in airline operations whilst reducing costs.

“This partnership with CTI is in direct response to feedback from our customers. A combination of our highly regarded products and proven delivery capability, with advanced CTI optimisation technology, will give the most complete offering to the industry”, said Philip Hinton, Director, Avient Solutions.

According to Alan Dormer, General Manager at CTI, “This partnership will bring something innovative to the airline sector. CTI optimisation technology produces plans and schedules that are realistic, practical and easy to implement. To deal with the inevitable disruptions, we have day-of-operations and recovery optimisation to ensure that business objectives are consistently achieved at minimum cost.”

Avient Solutions is IBS’ Centre for Excellence in Flight Operations. It provides integrated solutions and services for airline/airport operations, and manages airline products like TopAir, CTS, MCS and IDAHO that are much sought after in the industry. IDAHO (Integrated Database for Airport Handling Operations) is functional at London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports; TopAir is currently in service with ten airlines operating out of Europe, whilst MCS and CTS are each being used by two major international airlines.

CTI, based in Melbourne, is a world leader in optimisation and systems integration. With offices in Paris, Singapore and Sydney, and about 100 technical staff, CTI provides a complete range of optimisation technology within the transportation sector for planning and scheduling, asset utilisation and personnel planning and recovery optimisation.

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