NIPPON CARGO AIRLINES is the Launch Customer for IBS's iCargo

Trivandrum, India, 17 April 2006: Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA), Japan's only cargo-specialist airline, signed an agreement becoming the launch customer for iCargo - IBS’ Next Generation Air Cargo and Logistics Management System. The agreement was signed at a ceremony held in Tokyo on 10th April 2006. IBS’s iCargo is a total cargo logistics system that has the functionality to fully support the supply chain management from shipper to consignee in all aspects of cargo logistics.

Speaking on the occasion VK Mathews, Chairman and Managing Director, IBS said, “Having a partner with the stature of Nippon Cargo Airlines as the launch customer for iCargo is undoubtedly a validation of the viability of our new-generation Cargo Management System. This further reinforces our vision towards making iCargo the industry leader and standard for the future. It would be the catalyst for change for all cargo carriers within the logistics industry.” Takuro Uchiyama, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nippon Cargo Airlines, said “iCargo-IBS’ system will give us major benefits for our cargo logistics management. We, at NCA are very excited to have a partnership with IBS and to be a launch customer for the iCargo system that has various functions to meet our cargo business requirement. I believe that customer’s SCM is much more sophisticated than before and NCA as a Cargo airline should have a system that could provide various electronic information to them at any time.”

IBS’s Vice President Cargo, Murray Kidd, said “NCA is one of the biggest all cargo carriers in the world and we are delighted in having them as our partner and launch customer for iCargo which will assist them achieve their vision to be the world’s leading all cargo carrier”. Masaaki Kariya, General Manager IT Strategy division, Nippon Cargo Airlines, said “Air Cargo is a hi-speed and ever changing, progressive market. We always think our Cargo logistics IBS Corporate Communications system mainframe should be an OPEN System and fully integrated with up-to-date IT technology. IBS’s iCargo is the one system able to meet all our requirements. We plan to start our new Cargo System operation using iCargo from 4th quarter of 2007. IBS already has SEI CMM Level-5Certification. I believe that the experience of this partnership between IBS and NCA to develop this system gives us major benefits for NCA’s IT strategy in the future.”

About Nippon Cargo Airlines

As Japan’s only all-cargo airline, Nippon Cargo Airlines Co. Ltd. (NCA) has consistently expanded its routes to major global markets since its establishment in 1978. NCA’s international distribution on-line network links 16 cities in 11 countries, from Japan (Narita, Kansai, Nagoya) to North America (San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago), to Europe (Amsterdam, Milan, Frankfurt, London), to Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul, Shanghai). NCA uses B747 Freighter which is specially designed for cargo transport. Its loading capacity is 120 tons. It has a nose cargo door (convenient for loading extra long cargo) and side cargo doors (convenient for loading oversize cargo). NCA knows that companies in today's business environment rely on air cargo more than ever before and requirements have also become more complex as the quantity and variety of goods have increased. NCA is dedicated to bringing the customer high levels of quality and satisfaction.

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