QANTAS FREIGHT joins IBS' Next Generation Cargo Initiative

Trivandrum – 12 December, 2005: Qantas Freight has joined the Core Group of Influence (CGI) Forum, set up by IBS Software Services, and will participate in the development of a next generation air cargo and logistics management system, “iCargo”. IBS Software Services, a global IT Company providing world-class solutions to the Travel Transportation and Logistics (TTL) industry, embarked on this multimillion dollar mega initiative to build iCargo in 2003. The system is a new generation design using the latest web-based tools and multi-tiered architecture which will be a catalyst for change for cargo carriers within the logistics industry.

Qantas is the fourth cargo carrier to join the CGI Forum which already includes Air New Zealand Cargo, Gulf Air and South African Airways Cargo. These carriers will influence and validate the processes and functionality of iCargo to address the current and future requirements of the industry.

Chairman and Managing Director of IBS, Mr. V K Mathews said, “We are delighted that Qantas has joined the CGI Forum and look forward to their participation in this dynamic design process. This is an important initiative that will help reshape the air cargo business. Qantas and the other three carriers in the CGI Forum will be involved in reengineering cargo and logistics processes that have been frozen within legacy systems that were developed over the last 40 years. This initiative will lead to a new generation of systems that will be web based and will deliver service improvements through the whole logistics chain.”

Mr Theo Triantafillides, Freight e-Business Manager, had this to say:“One of iCargo's features is that it is being developed with the entire logistics supply chain in mind. The use of open platform technology facilitates improved business flexibility and market adaptation.”

Mr Sudhir Joshi, Qantas Segment Services Manager had this to say: “The feedback from CGI workshops has been very positive. Qantas is excited about this potential of using next generation technologies for supporting and promoting QF Freight business, and we are looking forward to the planned iCargo releases in 2005 and 2006”. iCargo is being developed as an integrated, multi-hosting system which will comprehensively address cargo reservations, capacity control, rating, load planning, cargo terminal operations and freight forwarding requirements of cargo carrying airlines. iCargo will be developed and released to the market in stages, adding new functionality incrementally, so as to evolve as a full-fledged cargo and logistics management system, supporting the entire logistics supply chain from shipper to consignee The first market release of iCargo will be in December 2005.

The four carriers met in Perth, Australia on 28-29 November 2005 to review the first release of the iCargo system that covers the core functions of air cargo operations. During the meeting iCargo was viewed by the CGI members via a web link from Trivandrum. The second release is already in development and will be released in Q3 2006.

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