Shell International Exploration& Production (SIEP) to implement IBS' solution world-wide

Mumbai, 25 Nov 2005: IBS Software Services (IBS), a leading supplier of software products and services to the global travel transportation and logistics (TTL) industries, has announced a long-term agreement with Shell International Exploration and Production BV (SIEP) based at the Hague in the Netherlands, to implement ‘iLogistics’ in most of its operating companies world-wide.

The iLogistics solution conceived and developed by IBS, is a state-of-the-art solution designed to manage and optimise the logistics operations of the upstream oil and gas industry. iLogistics facilitates and integrates the planning and execution of all logistics operations and supports multi-modal i.e. air, marine and land based modes of transportation of personnel and material. The logistics and infrastructure support provided by iLogistics spans planning, preparation and delivery across the petroleum lifecycle and covers storage, inventory and materials management, as well as the transportation of people, goods and waste by air, sea and land. In addition, iLogistics enables the sharing of logistics resources, such as helicopters and supply vessels within the company and among other industry partners, which translates into significant cost savings. In addition, iLogistics facilitates the real-time monitoring of all functions connected with Health, Safety and Environment and includes the tracking of Personnel on Board oilrigs and platforms. IBS also offers iLogistics as a hosted solution.

A Shell spokesperson commenting on the development said, “Traditionally, logistics has been reactive and ad hoc. Nowadays, with tools like iLogistics, activities can be managed to get the right people and materials in the right place at the right time: safely, effectively and efficiently. As a single, modular system, iLogistics facilitates one process, one way of working and a customer-driven pro-active approach, which is easy to use. We at Shell are impressed by the professionalism and hard work that IBS has dedicated to delivering the iLogistics product we are using today. Together, we envisage iLogistics to be the system of choice for logistics excellence in the energy industry.”

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman and Managing Director, IBS, Mr. V K Mathews had this to say, "Shell signing up iLogistics for world-wide implementation is recognition of IBS’ competence in developing state-of-the-art logistics management solutions and our commitment to the transportation & logistics verticals. I am confident that iLogistics will provide both operational efficiencies and resource optimisation opportunities for SIEP’s logistics operations world-wide. We are excited about this opportunity and we greatly value the relationship with Shell."

Oil, gas and coal largely meet the growing global demand for primary energy. Developing the capacity to keep pace with this demand is challenging and requires very large investments in complex, costly and technologically demanding projects. Although energy prices are high, project costs are also rising with the increased demand for equipment and skills. Meeting these challenges will depend on the ability to utilise technological innovation. A new-generation logistics management system like iLogistics, when used by a community of oil companies, enables not only a standard way of working and facilitates safer management of logistics activities, but also effects significant savings by optimising the utilisation and sharing of logistics resources in upstream oil and gas operations.

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